Moore Ready for Next Chapter

Ryan Moore is looking to end his UM career on a positive note with a productive performance against Nevada in the MPC Computers Bowl.

Ryan Moore was suspended for the first eight games of his senior season including a six-game suspension for his role with a woman in August.

"It's behind me now," Moore said. "I felt bad about it for a long time. I'm getting over it now."

Moore has played in the last four games, starting three, catching 10 passes for 155 yards and one touchdown.

Moore is looking forward to another opportunity to showcase his skills in the Dec. 31 bowl game against Nevada.

"I am just glad I have another opportunity to play," Moores said. "That is the good thing. I think that will help me out a lot."

In his career, he has caught 92 passes for 1,360 yards and 10 touchdowns.

While his numbers are good for a career, Moore didn't reach the numbers he was hoping for after posting 44 receptions for 637 yards and three toucdowns during his redshirt freshman season when he played in 13 games in 2003.

"I feel like I didn't do what I wanted to do as far as expectations, but nothing is ever going to be how you want it to be," said Moore on his career at Miami. "I am just thankful that I am playing right now and I have got a lot of football to play."

In the last three seasons, Moore has played in 21 games catching 47 passes for 704 yards (he caught one pass for 29 yards in 2002).

So why the difference in production over the past three years?

"Things around here were obviously different because we had different coaches at the time, but I haven't changed any," said Moore, who was the No. 1-ranked wide receiver prospect in 2002 by "It's just circumstances, systems, coaching changes, and things like that are the things I see."

Moore hopes NFL teams will put his past behind him and see him being a receiver they want in their system.

He is a bit worried that his incidents will hurt him.

"I worry about that especially at the next level because that affects a lot of things," Moore said. "People don't know you, all they know is what you have done. But I'm just going to try to interview well and let them know who I really am. I never really got into any trouble before this year. Hopefully they will see that."

Moore is hoping to lose some weight before the NFL Combines to help him run a faster speed. The 6-foot-3, 225-pound Moore wants to get down around 205-210 pounds.

He doesn't have expectations of the draft and isn't listening to what people are saying where he will be drafted.

"Everyone has something to say," Moore said. "Some people want to put you down and some people want to blow smoke and all that, but I am just going to try to do my best to show who I really am. I will be all right."

Regardless of where he gets drafted, he is confident in his abillities.

"I'm just going to try my best and wherever I go, I'll go. I'll get my money sooner or later."

His time away from the team could be somewhat a blessing in disguise as he spent a lot of time with his three-year old daughter.

He said being away from his teammates was the hardest part about being away.

"That's the most disappointing thing was that I couldn't be around the team. No words can describe that."

Regardless of what he has been through at Miami, he is still excited about playing football and is not disappointing

"I am real excited about that," Moore said. "I love to play football. My time here was good. There were some things that happened to me that I didn't want to obviously, but I'm a fan. My whole time off that is all I did was watch football and these guys."

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