Big Test For Shannon And Co.

We should learn a lot this weekend about Randy and his current staff and their abilities on the recruiting front.

Robert Marve -- We havent signed a quarterback in our last two classes. The only QB commitment right now is waffling. The opportunity for a top flight QB to come to UM hasn't been much better than now. Randy has taken a couple assistants with him a few times to visit with Marve. We're not competing with any in-state schools really. To me, he's there for the taking.

Brandon Hicks and Allen Bailey -- These have been UM's top two linebacker targets since the spring. Both have been here on their own dime before (multiple times) so there is definite interest. At worst, we're running top 3 for both of them. If Randy wants to build something special, I think landing one of these two is pretty much a must.

JoJo Nicolas -- Randy's wanted this kid from day one. He's OK academically. While he does have at least 2 or 3 teammates who will be headed to Rutgers, this is clearly a kid that Randy can not let leave the area if he plans on building a dynasty here.

Now, I'm not trying to put too much emphasis on these kids but this is what it's all about. The McKenzies and the Hankersons are gonna sign with UM no matter what. The 4 kids above are legitimate fence-sitters. It's up to Randy and co. to convince them that UM is where they need to be. Getting a big time local player whose defensive coordinator was an All-American LB at UM should be natural.

Therefore, I think the 3 biggest tests will be Marve and the 2 linebackers. I really dont think he planned on getting both LBs but that would be great (especially since I think Allen Bailey will be a defensive end in college).

That boils down to landing Marve and one of the linebackers. He's put a lot of time and energy into recruiting them. It's time to see what Randy's made of and I think a good judge of that will be to see whether he can do some of the things I mentioned above.

Hankerson and McKenzie are already committed

That means 4 KEY recruits for UM will be up for grabs for 48 hours this weekend. It's time to see what Randy Shannon is all about on the recruiting front.

Robert Marve, Allen Bailey, Brandon Hicks, and JoJo Nicolas -- remember those names when the ink dries on National Signing Day, which is less than three weeks away.

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