Weekend Visit Recap

Nine kids visited UM over the weekend and here's where I think the Canes stand with them.

RB Lee Chambers -- He's already had successful visits to Mississippi State and Alabama. This was, by far, his best visit. He loved everything about UM and I really think he was blown away, being far more impressed that he was expecting to be. He made an early commitment to MSU and now it'll get interesting because UM will probably have to convince his parents. It's always tough doing battle against hometown pressure but man, this would be a huge get. He said he'll likely announce his decision the night before signing day.

WR Deonte Thompson -- He was clearly the No. 1 priority heading into the weekend. All signs point to a successful visit. He says it's between UM, USC, and Florida. I think the distance will be too far for Deonte, especially with a five-month old baby. If you factor in the opportunity for early playing time that he's talked about before and the closeness to the situation at Miami (having two friends/teammates going there in this year's class) will help push UM over the top and those are the reasons I predict he'll be a Hurricane. He'll announce his decision on National Signing Day.

WR Marquis Maze -- Once an early commitment to Michigan, he's backed off that and has eliminated the Wolverines. Alabama and Tennessee are the others involved and while he had a fun visit, I'm not sure it can be considered a real good visit. He talked a lot about how different it was, not really how good it was. I really think he'll stay in SEC country.

WR Daniel Adderley -- He's a solid UM commitment and without any other Div 1 offers, it's safe to say that he'll be inking with the Canes.

WR Leonard Hankerson -- He's a solid commitment (UM was his only visit) and now his focus turns to academics, where he's still a little short.

WR Chris Summers -- He's a 6-5 receiver from Jacksonville who is committed to Louisville. He left without an offer from the Canes. Had he gotten one, I think he'd be a commitment right now. He says the UM coaches will visit with him later this week but we'll see if that happens. He's qualified so that's a plus. Scholarships are getting tight so I think they'll wait to see what happens with Deonte before giving Summers one.

DL Chris Perry -- Nebraska and Oklahoma tried but he's a Hurricane. There's no changing his mind now, especially after such a successful visit.

DB Major Wright -- Here's a kid who originally favored Ohio State. He's been high on the Buckeyes from day one and had a real good visit there. They're very much in the picture, as is Florida. It seems like UM has been playing from behind from day one for this kid. He hasn't spoken about the visit yet and that may be due to confusion on his part as to what to do. With Damien Berry and Jared Campbell already in the mix, there isn't a huge need for another safety but it's be hard to turn away a U.S. Army All-American. UM is definitely in the mix but I don't see it happening.

DB Damien Berry -- He's been a UM commitment for quite some time now and simply used the weekend for a free trip and to help convince some other players to ink with UM. I think his relationship with Deonte will help the Canes.

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