Recruiting Class Superlatives

There isn't a better way to introduce you to the newest recruiting class than doing a superlative look at the newcomers.

Best Fotball Player: Robert Marve -- The Tampa Plant quarterback set every school record imaginable. He set three single-season passing records in Florida (completions, yards, and touchdowns) and was named Mr. Football at the end of the season. He also led his team in rushing with over 600 yards. He had the best season of any high school football player in Florida in 2006.

Best Basketball Player: Leonard Hankerson -- For a while, he talked about playing both sports in college. He played on a competitive traveling team that played out in Las Vegas last summer. At 6-foot-2, he's quite skilled on the hardwood and that helps him as a wide receiver when going after balls in the air.

Best Track Athlete: Shawnbrey McNeal -- The two-time Texas state champion in the 100m, McNeal is one of the fastest recruits in the entire nation. His 10.49 electronically-timed 100m is among the fastest of any high school player in America. Lee Chambers isn't far behind, as he's a two-time state champion in Mississippi in both the 100m and 200m events.

Most Winningest: Tyler Horn -- As a three-year varsity starter at the University School in Memphis, Horn was part of two state championship teams (10th and 11th grades) and his team made it to the state playoffs as a senior. Randy Shannon talked about wanting guys coming from winning programs and nobody in this year's class has experienced more success as a team than Horn. Marve, Kayne Farquharson, and Damien Berry were all part of championship teams this past season.

Smartest: Horn -- With his 3.0 GPA and 26 ACT score, he brings a lot of brains to the table.

Biggest: Orlando Franklin -- AT 6-foot-5 plus, the talented big man signed with the Hurricanes last year weighing close to 300 pounds. He's now over 320 and looks like a mountain of a right tackle prospect.

Smallest: Lee Chambers -- He's not real short (5-10+) but his weight is down under 170 and will need to bulk up some over the summer. He's plenty big enough to become a big-time back, however.

Most Talkative: Kayne Farquharson -- Whenever I wanted to talk football with a recruit this year, there wasnt a better kid to call than Kayne. He often gave tremendous insight and just loved chatting about UM, football, and life in general. He'll have no problems making friends on the team next year.

Quietest: Hankerson -- He might not be the quietest off the phone but he definitely was on it. He'd often answer and even returned several calls but whenever you started asking him questions, he really didn't have much to say and often gave one-word responses. He's a very nice and respectful kid.

Most Passionate: Marve -- His intensity and energy for football and winning is incredible and it's something that's been missing around here lately. It'll be a welcome addition to the team this summer.

Most Enjoyed the Recruiting Process: Chris Perry -- How can you not pick him? After making a commitment to the Hurricanes over the summer, he later made two other commitments to Tennessee and Nebraska before switching back to UM. He took his visits and really made the most of the process that only happens once.

Least Enjoyed the Recruiting Process: Hankerson -- His grand total of official visit time this year was less than 24 hours. He only took one visit -- to Miami -- and because of the SAT on Saturday morning, he didn't arrive on campus until the afternoon before leaving on Sunday morning. While many kids took all five visits (up to 10 days worth), Hankerson did nearly the opposite.

Most College Ready: Allen Bailey -- While Farquharson will probably have the best opportunity because he's a couple years older and he's at a position with less depth, Bailey is built like an NFL player already. Physically, he'll have few problems competiting at the college level. At 6-foot-3 and 270 pounds, he's most likely going to be a defensive end at Miami and you often see true freshman ends making an impact around college football. Bailey's definitely got that in him.

Biggest Jokester: Damien Berry -- He just seems to have the loosest personality of all of this year's recruits. Watching him practice or even play in a state championship game, he's always wearing a smile or cracking a joke at someone. When it's 110 degrees and the team's running 110's, I'm sure Berry will provide plenty of humor to the situation.

Best Bloodlines: This group is loaded with players with good bloodlines. Marve's father played in the NFL. Adewale Ojomo has three cousins in the NFL. Berry's father played at Miami. However, you have to go with Jared Campbell, simply because of the fact that if he's half as good as his brother's been here, UM has found themselves a pretty darn good defensive back.

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