Offensive Coordinator Patrick Nix Q&A

University of Miami offensive coordinator Patrick Nix met with the press for the first time Wednesday. Nix, the former offensive coordinator of Georgia Tech, was hired January 20.

What impresses you about Robert Marve?

"The biggest thing about him is his competitive nature. The thing that you look for in any athlete, especially a quarterback, is a guy that will compete. It is a tough position, especially at a program like this with a lot of expectations. I think he is excited about coming here and he is ready to accept that challenge. At the University of Miami you better be ready to accept the challenge and the pressure that comes with it. The impression I get from him is that he is not going to be afraid of that and that he is looking forward to that."

Since you are a coach from the ACC, do you come into this job with an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the team here now and what needs to be addressed?

"I knew very little about the Miami personnel coming in. I didn't watch the offense, I would watch the defense. I know a little bit about the defensive personnel, but I don't know about the offense. That is something I study, I don't know about other people's offensive personnel. I have had to watch a lot of tape to get familiar with the personnel here and try to figure out some of the strengths and weaknesses we have and to just try and get to know some of the guys—more or less to see there personalities on the field."

What are your thoughts on Kirby and Kyle right now?

"I am holding judgment on Kyle and Kirby right now. I have not been around them and I have not coached them. I am excited to work with them. They are excited about the change and working with me and I am excited about working with them. I am looking forward to working with the and getting at it. I am going to wait and see how they perform and how they act when we get going."

How difficult a decision was it to come to Miami?

"It was not a real difficult decision to come to Miami. I have been around the South for a long time—my dad has been a high school coach in middle Georgia and North Alabama for 39 seasons now, so I have been around football my whole life. I know what the University of Miami is all about, and that is to win a national championship. I think that is the bottom line for me. When I first got the call from here, the thing that ran through my mind was if I go there I have a chance to win it all. I think as a coach and player that is what you want to do. I was immediately sold on the fact that it was the University of Miami. I have known people that have either worked here or been here and I have heard very good things about it."

What is your offensive philosophy?

"The bottom line for me is that it is all about winning. I don't really care if we have to play a field position game and grind it out and punt them down inside their 20. Whatever we have to do to win is what we are going to do. If we have to run the ball predominantly to control the ball, if we have to throw the ball to catch up, then that is what we are going to do. My only philosophy is that we are going to work hard, we are going to be prepared, the players are going to play hard, and we are going to put our players in the best position to be successful."

What are your impressions of last year's offense?

"I think we have some good talent. We have got to put them in the right positions to make plays and be successful. I don't look at the past. I am not concerned with last year and what they did and how they played last year. I am more concerned about preparing for the spring and how they play this spring and getting ready for the fall."

Will there be an open competition between Kirby Freeman and Kyle Wright this spring?

"Oh yeah. It will be extremely open. There will be an open competition at every position. I don't know anything about these guys. I realize that is the most important position on the field and everybody wants to know about it, but there are 10 other positions on the field too and those are wide open as well. It is going to make it a fun spring because it is going to be very competitive."

Randy Shannon on Nix:

"He is energetic, young, he can score points and he gave me fits."

"We have a trend as to why we are hiring guys. If you can hurt the University of Miami, you are doing a great job in my opinion."

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