Practice Report: March 6

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The Hurricanes have begun spring practices.

Coach Shannon opening statement on first practice of spring:

"It was alright. You really can't tell because your not in pads. You want enthusiasm and the timing stuff to be right, but as far as contact you can't get much done, but the timing and enthusiasm was working today."

• Coach Shannon was pleased with overall tempo of the first practice of the spring. The most noticeable sign of the emphasis on tempo is a large digital clock that counts down each practice segment and is responsible for letting coaches and players know when to go to the next drill. "Guys flew around and they bounced around. There wasn't anybody walking from drill to drill…Tempo is real important because when you have guys lounge around they don't get in football shape."

• Shannon would not comment on how the quarterbacks looked in the practice. "I don't know" he said with a smirk.

• The one goal Shannon has for this spring: "We have got to get the chemistry issues down. We need to work together with a common goal."

• Shannon implemented a few new drills to the practice. The offensive line started with a turnover drill, making sure the players secure both sides of a loose football. "You never know when within the course of the game when an offensive lineman will have to recover a fumble," Shannon said.

• There was a big emphasis on special teams in today's practice. Previously, Miami had two segments of practice devoted to special teams while today three segments committed to kicking, punting and returning. "We have to be able to score on special teams. We need to emphasize that as a unit."

• Shannon is currently unsure how comfortable he is with one player handling kicking and punting duties in the same game. "We have to find a true kicker and a true punter," he said.

• The one player that has senior receiver Darnell Jenkins excited this spring: freshman Graig Cooper. "He is a great athlete and a great player. He is fast and explosive. I am waiting to see what he will do. I am ready to block for him when he gets in the open field."

Orlando Franklin and Kayne Farquharson were both in attendance and watched practice from the sideline.

Ryan Hill switched from number 12 to 13. Graig Cooper will wear number 2. Doug Wiggins will wear number 20

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