Calais Campbell Q&A

Junior Calais Campbell is expected to be a leader on defense in 2007.

How have the first two days of spring practice been?

Everybody is flying around and having fun. Everything is really intense, fast paced and uptempo. The defensive backs are trying to cause a lot of turnovers by stripping the ball and everybody is looking good out there.

Who is playing along the defensive line with you?

There really is no depth chart, but everybody is looking good out there. I like to see Eric Moncur on the other side of the line from me, its like a competition to see who can get to the quarterback. He is real fast and explosive so I have to step my game up a little bit.

And Coach Hurtt is coaching the defensive ends now?

He is coaching the whole defensive line now and he is doing a good job of it. I like what he is doing. I like what he is doing with us. He is changing the technique a little bit, but it takes a little getting used to before we take off.

Are you taking on more of a leadership role this year?

I feel a lot more comfortable when I recognize that the other players are messing up. It is easy for me to help them. I can talk to them from a player perspective. It is easier for me to give them advice.

It looks like you have gotten bigger, have you done anything to put on weight?

No I guess I am doing the same things. I guess I am still growing and becoming more physical. I am gaining weight naturally. I haven't done anything special to gain weight. I am eating and doing what Coach Swasey is telling me.

What is your weight?

I am like 282.

Did you consider entering the NFL draft?

It definitely crossed my mind, but my priorities are to get my degree and win a championship. Those are two things I want to get before I pursue a career.

So you didn't file papers to the NFL advisory committee?

I didn't want to even tease myself. I didn't want to get a good result and get paperwork back. That would make me want to go.

Your brother Jared Campbell is coming here next year?

He is real excited and I can't wait for him to get down here.

Is he better than you?

(Laughs) He thinks he is better than me, but I wouldn't say that. He is very athletic an has a lot of potential. I think he could one day be almost as good as me.

What have you told him about what to expect at Miami?

I've told him to be in shape and put forth the effort and you can't go wrong. If you give the effort, the coaches will coach you and you will do your thing.

What position do you think he'll play?

Probably safety.

Who on offense impressed you during the offseason conditioning?

I think Derrick Morse, who has played center lately, has showed me that he is pretty good at that position. He has done a good job with the transition of going from guard to center.

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