Practice Report: March 8

The Hurricanes practiced for the final time before spring break.

- Coach Shannon: "We just finished our spring football practices for before spring break, we got some quick contact and ran some basic plays out of the offense. Also, we did some basic things on defense. The defense flew around and made plays and made some things happen."

-"Three days is three days, but at least the energy is there. We're moving around and chasing the football so we're doing the things that need to be done. We're doing well."

"We went out on a good note today, we just have to keep doing what we're doing and keep emphasizing that people have to get better every day."

- Coach Shannon mentioned that team rules will not change for spring break.

-Coach Shannon on the coaching staff getting acquainted: "When you have good people, anybody can gel. Nobody has a chip on their shoulder or an agenda. We have a common goal and right now it's to practice hard."

-"If you're involved as a coach, the players will understand who you are and what you're trying to get done."

-On injuries: "We're just playing the game. We're not worried about injuries. When you worry about injuries, that's when most of them happen. Everyone has to go full speed."

- Jonathan Vilma, Kelly Jennings, and Ted Hendricks attended practice.

- Glenn Sharpe hurt his ankle and was carted off with ice on it. He looked upset. Coach Shannon did not know the extent of the injury.

- The team scrimmaged a bit today with helmets and shoulder pads. Kirby overthrew Shields on a deep ball. Shields had beaten Grant in coverage.

- Kylan Robinson took a swing pass and turned it into a nice little gain before initiating contact downfield.

- Tight ends did a drill that involved catching tennis balls. Epps and Farr each dropped one.

- Romeo Davis had a bandage around his knee and left before the other linebackers finished doing drills.

- Special teams practice involved three players going back for punts. Shields, Cooper, and Hill. Hill got first look. No one actually punted though, it was fake punt practice. McCarthy was the up-back and took the snap and ran with it. They did this several times.

- After practice, Coach Barrow made the linebackers do extra drills.

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