Nix Evaluated QB's after Scrimmage

Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix had a chance to sit down and watch film on Saturday's scrimmage. After he watched the film he was able to make an assessment on the quarterbacks.

"I thought they did good," Nix said. "I thought both of them made poor decisions and had some good throws, made really good decisions, and did some really good things on third and fourth downs.

"Both of them had some critical drives where they did good jobs. Obviously we still have work to do and a long way to go. The best thing about the whole day was that we treated it like a game with no coaches on the field, signaled every play, and we really didn't have any problems with it. We didn't have any bad calls or delay of games."

Kirby Freeman was 13-of-24 for 189 yards and a touchdown.

Kyle Wright was 15-of-41 for 82 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions.

"Both of them performed very similar," Nix said. "Both of them made good plays and both of them made bad plays. Both of them led the team pretty well, I thought. Both of them are doing well."

Practice resumes Thursday afternoon.

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