Shannon Trying to Instill Team Concept

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The Miami Hurricanes held their ninth practice of the spring.

Coach Randy Shannon would not talk about certain players after Thursday's practice or position units because he is trying to instill a team concept.

"When we start playing as a team and have a team concept, then I will worry about talking about other guys," Shannon told reporters. "But until then, I can't."

Shannon was not happy when a player celebrates after a big play in practice and believes changing the mindset of the players will take time.

"It takes time," he said. "When it takes time, it takes time. We have had a lot of big plays and guys are doing some good things offensively and defensively and they haven't been individualized. Just every now and again you will get those individuals and that is when you have to stop it because that can cost you a game or field position. We can't afford that on this team."


• Shannon talked about the team morale: "It is going well. There is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. Guys are being positive and that is the thing that we have been working on trying to build the chemistry of what we are trying to get done as a team."

• Shannon still expects to name a starting quarterback on Aug. 28 and would not comment on how the quarterback unit is progressing this spring. "I don't even know what the quarterbacks are doing, I am trying to build a team."

• WR Lance Leggett had his right knee wrapped in ice at the end of practice. No word on the extent of the injury.

• The Hurricanes will have an open scrimmage at Traz Powell Stadium on Friday at 6 p.m.

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