Bain Talks About Spring Practice

What does senior offensive lineman Andrew Bain say is different under new coach Randy Shannon? Which player has caught his eye this spring? What is the team's approach for turning around a 7-6 team? Find out those answers and more in this interview.

Andrew Bain is a rising senior offensive guard for the University of Miami and he's in the middle of spring practice. After a 7-6 season last year, Bain said the hiring of new head coach Randy Shannon has helped the team's motivation.

"We took it well," Bain said. "Coach Shannon came in and laid down his philosophy. We really hit the ground running with him, took everything in. Everyone accepted that this is Coach Shannon's team. We're all gonna play hard for him and for each other."

Bain said he's already noticed a few changes in the team's approach under the new head man.

"EVeryone is being held more accountable," he said. "We're playing a higher energy level and we're all being more responsible."

With less than one week left of spring football, some player should be starting to stand out. One player who has caught Bain's eye is freshman running back Graig Cooper.

"I think Coop is gonna be an amazing player," he said. "He's a young guy but has a lot of speed and a lot of quickness. He's been really impressive out here."

Bain said he's very excited about what Cooper brings to an already talented position.

"He provides a great complement," he said. "We have a power back, a steady back, we have a slasher, and now a straight speed back with Coop. Our running back group is really diverse and we can come at you many different ways."

One area of potential for concern is in the middle of the defensive line. Since Bain competes with those guys every day in practice, he spoke about their progress.

"All I know is Coach Hurtt is doing a real good job teaching the young guys," he said. "This is way different than high school. They're playing more gap control now and I think our (tackles) are playing better within the defense. I can't single just one out because they're all making great strides with what they need to be doing for the team."

Bain, who graduated with a psychology degree in December and is now doing post-grad work, is excited for this coming season to start. He's ready to erase last year from his mind.

"Just win," he said. "That's the bottom line for us this year. That's what we gotta do. No more 7-6 seasons around here, no more cold bowl games. We just have to win and go home. We have to improve every game, every practice, and every rep. We're very excited. We think Coach Shannon's gonna do good things with us."

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