Richard Gordon Q&A

Richard Gordon is preparing for his second season as a Hurricane.

How are things going for you this spring?

Everything is going alright. I have moved back to defensive end and right now I am third team behind Vegas and Eric Moncur. They are teaching me a lot and I am learning a lot from them.

Are you comfortable at defensive end?

I played in high school and everything. Now, in college I just have to take on bigger blockers.

When did you switch from defensive tackle to defensive end?

I've played defensive end pretty much the entire spring.

Can you take anything you learned by playing defensive tackle last season and apply it to defensive end this spring?

Last year they started me at tight end and they moved me to defensive tackle. Playing defensive end is pretty much the same thing, except I am back on the outside and it is more one-on-one. On the outside I am able to use my speed and power.

Why did the coaches switch you to defensive end?

I am too light right now to play defensive tackle. I weigh about 270 right now.

What have you improved in your game this spring?

As a defensive end I have just improved on my timing and flying off the ball. That is the biggest thing being a defensive end is about.

How has the competition been between the players at defensive end?

The competition has been crazy. You got Vegas and he might start one day and then Eric might start or go back to second team. We have a good rotation at defensive end.

Do you still want to do kickoff coverage on special teams next year?

Yeah that is something I like to do especially if I am not going to see much playing time at defensive end. I like running down the field and hitting people.

Can you just talk about Coach Hurtt. It seems like all the players love him. What is it that makes him a great coach?

Coach Hurtt is very energetic. He never comes out here and has a down day. He may get on you during practice, but after practice he'll tell you he loves you and act like a father to you.

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