UM's Leader Speaks

What seems to be like second nature to him these days, University of Miami senior quarterback Ken Dorsey led his team into a hostile environment last Saturday in Gainesville and put up very impressive numbers in a Hurricanes victory. He talked about the team's performance last Saturday and what lies ahead for his team.

Dorsey, who is now 12-1 in career starts away from the Orange Bowl, added another very impressive victory to his resume last weekend in front a record-crowd at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

"Anytime you come into a stadium like this with a team like this, they're going to be energized and be very ready to play," Dorsey said of the atmosphere last Saturday. "It [was] tough to do exactly what you want to do and we were able to sustain that."

After struggling through the first quarter as he adjusted to a new pair of tackles protecting him for the first time in a big game as well as the crowd, Dorsey began settling down in the second. He credits a lot of that to his defense.

"I think our defense did a great job in not letting them kind of run away with it," he said. "They took an early lead but we were composed and were able to come back."

The senior, whose 28-1 career record as a starter is the best in school history, was asked about his performance after throwing three interceptions for just the second time in his career.

"I think I played well enough to win," he said quickly.

Dorsey said the talent around him on this year's team had a lot to do with the victory.

"We've grown up a lot from last year I think," he said. "The fact that we did throw a few interceptions and still put that many points on the board shows since the BC game where we needed a miracle save to now [that] we've grown up."

A major part of the growing up process has been the emergence of new leaders on both sides of the football. Dorsey talked about the importance of having those on this team.

"Guys have really stepped up and become great leaders and I think that helped get us here," he said. "Maybe in the past [the game] would have been closer because of those things but this year we were able to pull away."

Several of those leaders are on the massively talented defensive front four for the Hurricanes. It's one that the coaches and players on this team like to call the front eight. Dorsey's glad they were chasing Grossman all night instead of him.

"I have to go against them in practice, [but] I'm glad I don't have to get hit by my defensive line," he said laughing. "They're an amazing group of guys that really can go past eight deep. They can go as high as 10 deep. It's a really, really exceptional group."

It's because of that exceptional group of defensive linemen that enabled Dorsey's front wall to be as prepared as they were for their first big test of the season.

"I'll be the first one to say they had a great game," he said of his offensive line. "Florida has a very, very good defense and they do a lot of different things to you. As a starting point, we couldn't be more happy."

There were a lot of happy faces in the locker room following the route of the Gators, but Dorsey said there is still plenty of football left this season.

"Naturally, we're not where we want to be yet," he said, "but we'll get there."

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