Virginia Native Talks About Tragedy

In an exclusive interview with, freshman outfielder Jonathan Weislow took time to talk about the tragedy that happened in his home state.

Jonathan Weislow is from Vienna, Va. and went to high school at Bishop O'Connell High School. He is batting .333 this season with 3 RBI and two stolen bases in 15 games.

Weislow had Virginia Tech in his top five coming out of high school.

Just talk about when you found out about what had happened.

"I found out when my girlfriend called me and told me there was a huge shooting and a massacre at Virginia Tech. The first thing that went through my mind is if my friends were okay. Pretty much everyone from my high school went there so I immediately thought if my friends were okay. I had a bunch of missed calls on my phone so I started calling everyone back and everyone was just panicking, they said it was unreal. I don't go there, but it really hits close to home. I started worrying about people and their families and their safety. Thinking about how fortunate I am to be here and how you take things for granted. I remember my friends were all excited when they got into Virginia Tech and it is a great place to go to school. Who ever thought something like this would happen?"

Did you know anyo of the victims or did you know anyone that knew the victims?

"All of my friends that I talked to were okay and that I knew personally. But some of my friends who went to different high schools were in the same classes as one of the victims who was from my hometown of Vienna. Another friend of my was friends with someone that had got shot, but she is okay. They think about how lucky they are and I think about how lucky I am."

You guys are playing at Virginia Tech this weekend, what do you anticipate it being like and are you looking forward to it?

"I live four hours from there so it's not really my hometown. But I have friends there and have been to the campus many times. It was definitely one of my options out of high school so I am definitely familiar with it. It is going to be unreal actually thinking about how much that place has changed. I was really looking forward to the series and hanging out with all of my friends, but now it is going to be a totally a different tone. To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to it because I will have to deal with some things that I'm not really prepared to deal with. But I think everything will be fine."

You're the only one of the team from Virginia, but how have your teammates been during this process?

"Everyone always jokes around and nobody is serious about anything, but once they found out everything changed and they were worried about people there, praying and stuff. Enrique is from Maryland and has a lot of friends that go to school there so we talked about all of our friends and stuff. All of the guys are thinking about their team and how they have to play a game this weekend after going to class with some of these people."

How tough has this whole thing been, how much do you think about it?

"I have been thinking about it all day and all the time. First time you hear about something like this, it doesn't really sink in. But now it is starting to sink in for me and thinking about what their students are going through and how they are going to think about it every day. Virginia Tech has a whole new meaning now."

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