The Wright Stuff

The nation's top quarterback prospect, Kyle Wright, announced his decision to attend the University of Miami at a press conference just moments ago.

It came down to Miami, Tennessee and USC but in the end, the Canes were as tough to beat in this recruiting battle as they are on the football field. Wright gave several reasons for why he chose Miami and why he'll be heading South.

"It was a lot of things, both athletically and academically," Wright said. "From a football standpoint, nothing compares to Miami. They're coaching staff is the best I've been around from Coach (Larry) Coker (head coach) all the way down to each of the position coaches and the results are on the field. I really like coach (Dan) Werner (QB coach) a lot and he has had a lot of success with quarterbacks his whole career. "I think when you look at what Miami has done with their quarterbacks and how successful they are, a lot of that is the coaching. I mean the players are obviously talented but Ken Dorsey wasn't even highly recruited out of high school and isn't blessed with all the physical ability in the world. He's very smart though and the coaches are a big part of that. They've coached him so well and have molded him into a great football player.

"From a player personal standpoint, if you're a quarterback, you need to have a school with a strong offensive line and a great group of receivers. Again, Miami is on another level at both positions and they're loaded at both spots for the next few years. Miami recruits nationally so well and they're is so much speed in Florida that you know they always be well stocked at wide receiver. They're a young team and they just destroyed Florida with a lot of players who will be playing for the next few years.

"As for playing time, I know there is going to be competition wherever I go. I'm graduating early in January in hopes of competing for the job with Dorsey graduating. I know they have good players already and if I have to wait my turn, I'll do that but I want to compete and I think I'll be ready to do that.

"Academically, I was blown away by Miami's Business school, it was easily the most impressive of all the schools I visited. People think of Miami as just a football school but academically, they're a lot stronger than people think and their Business program is one of the best in the country. That really helped to put them over the top because like I said, football wise, it wasn't close and when I saw their Business program up close, I was really sold. The only negative is the distance. I couldn't pick a school further away but on my list of reasons for picking a school, the distance wasn't a real big priority for me.

"In closing, I want to thank all the schools that recruited me and getting to know all these coaches from all over the country was like a dream come true. It was tough to say no to everyone but when I looked at every school and weighed the pros and cons, Miami was the clear choice for me and I'm glad I have this decision behind me now."

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