CanesTime Random Recruiting Thoughts

It's been awhile since I've posted one of these types of threads so I'll try to give lots of them. Please follow up with discussion.

* I love UM's approach this year. They're getting more offers out early, which is needed in order to have a chance at some of the elite kids. Offer a bunch, seek some commitments, and then you can't promise certain kids there will be room later in the year. That beats the heck out of scrambling to find a WR prospect late in the year and having to go into New York to find a B-level kid to recruit at the last minute like we've seen in recent years.

* The fact that Randy put a huge emphasis on recruiting when putting together his staff indicates how important it is to Randy. It's all about the Jimmys and Joes, not the X's and O's.

* This is, by far, the hottest recruiting start for UM since I've been around.

* Unlike most recent years, I think the summer camp will be used as an evaluation/recruiting tool for UM. They're inviting borderline kids, high profile kids, all of them. As good a recruiter as Butch was, he never took advantage of his summer camps. Coker did some, especially by offering the one-day event. However, I think Randy and co. will provide a whole new ball game in this area.

* At quarterback, it looks like E.J. Manuel from Virginia is the only one who has an offer. He visited here and seems very interested. One recruit told me that EJ said UM's at the top of his list so we'll see. Perhaps it explains why more arent being offered. I do believe more will get offers in May when Coach Nix can travel around and watch kids perform.

* At running back, don't expect a whole lot to happen. We just signed three good ones and since it's not a real good year in-state, I dont see a whole lot happening. I wouldnt be surprised if they passed here.

* At receiver, there a whole bunch of options. I think the two most likely receivers from in-state are Tommy Streeter and Davon Johnson -- two big time kids who really like UM and have offers. They probably need at least three, though.

* Two tight ends are needed, I think, and Nathan Nord's comments about that confirm it. I think they'll look to sign a pass-catching specialist and a bigger, blocking style tight end who can provide some physical help in the running game.

* Up front, we need players. I'm confident Coach Stoutland will be solid here. He wasn't considered one of the best recruiters in the Big 10 on accident. For years, UM had an excellent coach and a below-average recruiter (Kehoe). Coach Cristobal started changing some of that because of his recruiting efforts, even though he may not have been on Kehoe's level as an O-Line coach. Stoutland can recruit and coach his butt off. From his Big 10 background, he probably wants guys who are physical and really get after it. Brandon Washington is a tremendous start. I think they're in good shape for Matt Patchan, whose dad played here. Keep an eye on Ricky Barnum, too. UM is all over him and got to him before all the other major competitors.

* Defensively, not much will change. Since Randy came here in 01, UM's had a top 5 defense during that time and recruiting has always gone well. I think it could have been better and believe it will be because of our new assistant coaches.

* D-Line wise, I think there's room for one more tackle and that's Forston. They're loaded at defensive end and especially if Allen Bailey ends up there. There's probably only room for one more and Corey Liuget fits the bill.

* At linebacker, I think they will sign four and there are plenty of options. UM sits in excellent shape for Spence, Futch, and Robinson. Throw in one more (hopefully Arthur Brown) and call it a day.

* In the secondary, I think they need four. Joe Wylie and Patrick Johnson give UM an excellent start. I'd be shocked if Brandon Harris got away. That leaves room for one more. Will Hill would be nice but someone like Karnell Hatcher is more likely.

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