Kyle Wright Chat Transcript

Kyle took some time to chat with CanesTime members after his commitment to Miami. Here is the transcript of the chat. Please note it mimics the actual chat so the most recent posts are at the top, not the bottom. Read from the bottom up!

KyleWright 22:33:05
Thanks for having me, I'm hoping I can come back and talk to you guys soon. I'll see you at FSU game, I'm not really hard to miss Tall and blonde.
cane4lifesd 22:32:53
Kyle I live in San Diego and was wonder are you and Whitney close and do you have any idea where he is leaning?
No1Ranked 22:31:57
Kyle, what did you think of Chris Simms
brothercane 22:31:40
Kyle just a couple questions. At what part in the recruiting process had you decided on Miami and whats your ring size. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY KYLE!!!!!
cane83 22:31:37
Hey Shorty? Thats just lame
5XNC 22:31:34
adrian, help me do that
Canetankerous 22:31:33
Kyle, are you an A's fan and are you following the pennant race?
sr4canes 22:31:31
Kyle, whatever you do, do not go to the rivals USC board - they are not showing their best colors
Adrian 22:31:13
register it now
5XNC 22:31:06
i wonder if kyle got a ride in booby's smart cart
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5XNC 22:30:41
ranked, yes, hopefully it is available
Adrian 22:30:33
Canetankerous 22:30:28
5X, better yet, did he try to recruit him from his tower?
JRodCane 22:30:26
Kyle, would like to know if you are planning on finishing the story on your recruiting trip with the Alameda Star? Also, enjoyed your notes on the Elite 11 QB camp!!!
No1Ranked 22:30:18
hey 5xnc, they gonna let you change your name in january to 6xnc
iiMDii 22:30:15
USC won't stop recruiting you Kyle. What was the hometown pressure like?
IowaCane16 22:30:09
didn't he call you shorty? You are like 6'5 right
5XNC 22:29:42
kyle, did booby bowden remember your name when he met you? he rarely remembers any of players names as it is.
Canetankerous 22:29:21
LOL Iowa!
IowaCane16 22:28:53
piotrcane, these are too easy to pass up
No1Ranked 22:28:41
come on Kyle, tell us the truth. The girls are the reasons you are coming to Miami. And the desire to win NC's of course
KyleWright 22:28:38
I'll definitely try to help get the best players in there with me. If it takes a phone call or getting to know them, anything
Canetankerous 22:28:36
Kyle, did the other schools particularly UT and FSU mention the packed houses a recruiting tool and that you'll never get that at UM?
piotrcane 22:28:12
Iowa you are killing me
5XNC 22:27:48
kyle, your impressions of fulmer's daughter? hot or not?
IowaCane16 22:27:18
When you were visting Tennessee did you see anyone with a full set of teeth?
KyleWright 22:26:59
Coker wasn't a used car salesman at all. he was very genuine. Coker is very laid back and personable. Just let me know what he felt and wasn't trying to sell me on Miami at all. Maybe a little but some coaches take it too far.
NoahZach 22:26:56
5: They all say, you don't want to go to a warm, sunny place, with an excellent school and the best team in the country, do you?
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5XNC 22:25:57
kyle, do other schools use negative recruiting tactics against UM and what do they say?
IowaCane16 22:25:47
Tell those other coaches I only want to play for the best ,screw you other guys
iiMDii 22:25:40
How would you like to see yourself as a Heisman Trophy winner, Kyle? That's common round here
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cane83 22:25:10
Kyle are you bracing yourself for hometown pressure as well as other coaches trying to convince you to reconsider?
No1Ranked 22:25:09
Kyle, I think we are going after a Ellis from Chino (i think). Know him! Any help landing him?
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caniac 22:24:53
sr4: I'm trying for Knoxville too. And VTech. No FSU this's a sore subject. I'll be in touch.
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Joel Ryals 22:24:20
5XNC 22:24:18
kyle, what is your ring size? we don't play for conference championships, we play for national championships
KyleWright 22:24:13
lou: I think that's a good question. It must be in water. You guys have all the athletes.
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cane83 22:24:01
Mike you type to slow! lol :) j/k
No1Ranked 22:23:55
Kyle, when answering the Rix question, yes, we know he has a big mouth.
big lou 22:23:19
Kyle, why are QB's developed so well in California? Coaching, systems, camps?
No1Ranked 22:23:11
Hey guys, who will I see in philly this saturday
5XNC 22:23:11
kyle, what do you think of chris rix?
sr4canes 22:23:09
I'm missing Cuse but am tripping to Knoxville and FSU
caniac 22:22:21
sr4: I'm heading up to 'Cuse too.
Adrian 22:22:06
#1 that was one of the funnier posts Ive read., FSU's evil online leader
big lou 22:22:01
DOuble, include Brock and Marc as well.
KyleWright 22:21:48
scott: Oh man. Hopefully I'll change your perception on California players after I show you a few things
Canetankerous 22:21:44
No1, apparently...
caniac 22:21:33
sr4: We'll definately have to meet. Tailgate, etc. That goes for the other local grassyholics.
IowaCane16 22:21:26
sorry couldn't resist
Doublecane 22:21:12
Kelly, Kosar, Walsh, Dorsey, Erickson, Torretta, Mira, Testaverde and now Wright. The tradition continues!
big lou 22:21:03
Good one, Iowa.?
No1Ranked 22:21:03
hey Kyle, please answer me this. I got banned from warchant (by DOT, FSU's evil online leader) for saying (after your visit there, when you were interviewed) that they were even with UM, you just told them what they wanted to hear so they would leave you alone. Was I right?
stormsurge 22:21:03
Was Fulmer hot?!?!
NoahZach 22:20:57
Kyle:Thanks and welcome aboard!
stormsurge 22:20:49
IowaCane16 22:20:36
Kyle, was Fulmer's daughter hot?
5XNC 22:20:30
kyle, thanks for your time
iiMDii 22:20:29
Kyle, what does your girlfriend think of you moving to Miami?
caniac 22:20:14
Kyle: What is Coach Coker like durring the recruiting process? Did he give a hard sales pitch, or did he seem genuine? Can you compare him to some of the other coaches recruiting you?
sr4canes 22:20:14
Kyle, are you still working with Roger Theder?
big lou 22:20:11
Kyle, which program puts on the best recruiting pitch?
KyleWright 22:19:58
5x: Nope. I was in southern Calif with friends and family. I watched it
MeccaCane 22:19:34
kyle: what do you hope to improve on in your senior season?
sr4canes 22:19:10
caniac - I'll be there as well, with girlfriend and my best friends - a former player and his wife, former cheerleader
Canetankerous 22:18:45
SR, I wish, the only game they'll sell out this year.
KyleWright 22:18:43
storm surge: Coach Werner and I are very similar in the fact we're both very laid back. Very calm. Once it comes time to get it done, really get to business, we both take it very seriously. That's what we had in common. I was also very comfrtable around him. Talk to him about football in general or anything.
Bermuda 22:18:31
Have you seen the quality of the kids listing Miami this year Kyle??
Adrian 22:18:29
caniac 22:18:22
sr4: I just bought my tickets to Rutgers. I'll be there with my girlfriend (a big 'Canes fan) and my best friend (another UM grad).
No1Ranked 22:18:10
Hey Kyle, do you have ESPN Gameplan, you gonna watch the dismantling of the owls on saturday, 9am your time
KCCaneFan 22:18:10
You being a fan of FSU Kyle. What turned you off on them?
cane83 22:17:54
Wait till you get a taste of the West Endzone Crew!
SCOTTCANE 22:17:49
Canetankerous 22:17:39
I used to work on High Ridge Rd for BMS, but now live in Hotlanta, working in K-Vill for the moment.
caniac 22:17:10
UM fans ARE CRAZY! You'll love the OB. That place get's ROCKIN'. Man, I can't wait to get down there this year.
KCCaneFan 22:16:51
5XNC 22:16:47
did you go to the rose bowl last year?
piotrcane 22:16:43
Kyle, you see we have lots of love for fsu here
IowaCane16 22:16:43
seem??? more like we are....LOL
piotrcane 22:16:42
Kyle, you see we have lots of love for fsu here
stormsurge 22:16:38
Doublecane 22:16:31
Does Kyle look forward to the tutelage that will come from the Kosar's, Kelly's, etc. on the sidelines and on the phones.
sr4canes 22:16:19
Caniac and Canetankerous - we should get together to watch some Cane games and go to the Rutgers match
caniac 22:16:13
Canetankerous: Do you work in Stamford......the city???
KyleWright 22:16:12
5x: Right now, I think it's very important. 'm excited about getting a degree for college. at UM, there's always a possibility of winning a title. If we win 2 championships and I have a great career, I hate looking ahead but if it goes that way, I might consider it. The UM fans seem crazy but I may stay another year for them.
stormsurge 22:16:02
Kyle: Thoughts on Dan Werner. What made you want to work with him?
IowaCane16 22:15:39
Kyle, you run a lot of no huddle in high school?
Doublecane 22:15:31
80 yards!!!
stormsurge 22:15:30
That's quite an arm
RipCurl 22:15:26
Hahahahaha. The Force is strong with this one. Glad the Dark Side didn't get you.
Canetankerous 22:15:24
Caniac, Stamford is the town to go to around that area. Bars and mall
No1Ranked 22:15:22
Love the FSU comment Kyle, you truly are a hurricane at heart
skeeter 22:15:19
That's ok kyle, you were young...children can often be foolish... we forgive you
caniac 22:15:05
All right, we'll let it slide. We'll have fun watching that. haha
KyleWright 22:15:01
How far: honestly, my best friend last summer, we were throwing it around. We'd always end on a 9 route, just airing it route. I hit him at 80 yards. That was going into my junior year
big lou 22:15:00
Kyle, was Tommy Grady set on coming here if you did not?
stormsurge 22:14:53
No1Ranked 22:14:47
Actually, Berlin is currently wearing #8 to the games, sharing it with a walk on RB, but I heard he wants #7 next year
KyleWright 22:14:20
caniac: Honestly, no. before the recruiting process, I was a fan since the championship. A couple years ago, I wasn't a Miami fan. Don't boo me for this, but I actually grew up a FSU fan. I was obsessed with Charlie Ward. Don't worry, I'll help kick their a*ses over the next few years
Doublecane 22:13:39
Kyle, how far can you throw a football?
cane83 22:13:31
Kyle are you bracing yourself for hometown pressure as well as other coaches trying to convince you to reconsider?
sr4canes 22:13:20
Kyle, you have to help get Whitney Lewis, Lynell Hamilton and Lawrence Jackson from Cali
skeeter 22:13:13
I don't know, Brock Berlin wore 7 at fla, and now he is sharing a number 12 with Guillen ... Might have to flip him for it :)
NoahZach 22:13:11
Kyle: We were feeling pretty confident about your joining the family and then someone reported that you mentioned that your selection would be a "surprise." Was that a misquote or what was going on with that. Everyone went into the tank and the buzz was that Tennessee had taken the lead.
MeccaCane 22:13:09
Kyle: what are you looking to improve on during your senior season?
5XNC 22:13:09
kyle, how important is staying 4-5 years and graduating as opposed to leaving early for the pros(hopefully)
KyleWright 22:13:08
that should not be happening
mike joined the chat at 22:13:03
KyleWright 22:13:03
on defense, those front guys were amazing. They were rushing 3 or 4 against 5, that'
Canetankerous 22:12:47
SR, SHS, or Westhill?
caniac 22:12:47
Kyle: Were you a Miami fan prior to the recruiting process? If so, did it play a role in your decision?
KyleWright 22:12:40
KC Cane Fan: I would say either Andre Johnson, just a freakish athlete. My height, outweighing my 20 pounds, running a 4.4 with a 42 inch vertical, Dorsey threw him a lob and he went up and got it. It was unfair. I remember a hitch route he caught and made the corner look silly. Also Willis McGahee. I thought he looked really tough. He ran for 150 yards. When Miami needed a big play, he produced it
Bermuda 22:12:37
how do you feel about the yound kids we've got coming up. Can you believe the talent on this team. Add that to almost every AA listing Miami and you have to be pretty excited.
RipCurl 22:12:09
Yah, talk about a young stable of weapons to throw to, we've only begun to develop the talent at WR and TE that last year's class brought in to the U. Who knows who else we'll pull down this year.
jdg3158 22:11:56
Kyle, I wanted to congraduate you on your decision. I am at the business school currently and you will enjoy it. All the best on a great season this year and I look forward to seeing you dawn the orange and green in the OB.
No1Ranked 22:11:48
Hey Kyle,I heard Berlin is interested in #7 as well. You think you two will flip a coin for it when Sands graduates.
caniac 22:11:47
Canetankerous: Stamford is nice. I've been down there on business a few times this year.
IowaCane16 22:11:43
Kyle, what did you think of the Gator game? Pretty impressive huh
JRodCane 22:11:19
Kyle, would like to know if you are planning on finishing the story on your recruiting trip with the Alameda Star? Also, enjoyed your notes on the Elite 11 QB camp!!!
sr4canes 22:10:49
Canetankerous, I'm from Stamford, CT
iiMDii 22:10:43
Is your name, Kyle?
SCOTTCANE 22:10:40
KCCaneFan 22:10:38
Kyle which player on Miami's current roster where you most impressed with on either offense or defense?
caniac 22:10:33
Bermuda: Yep. Simsbury, CT.
KyleWright 22:10:31
Mecca: The biggest things to me is it's a huge advantage. I'll be in Miami and getting used to being in college and getting used to the offense. It beats getting throw into the mix in August, especially if I am going to make a bit for playing time. Getting used to the speed of the game, I'll be ahead of other freshmen. Plus the extra semester will be huge.
SACane 22:10:27
What about Jolla and Devin Hester and Eric Winston.
IowaCane16 22:10:11
Love to read your remarks about Hester can't wait to see you and him team up
caniac 22:10:08
Wright throws deep to Moss..................TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.
Canetankerous 22:10:07
I'm sure it's not that UM $35,000 p/yr education. I'm from Norwalk.
5XNC 22:10:07
booby bowden is a con at fsu
Bermuda 22:09:55
caniac Simsbury Conn? I went to Westminster for 2 years!!
canestl ( 22:09:53
Kyle how does it feel to know you'll have a great OL protecting you here
SCOTTCANE 22:09:24
iiMDii 22:09:22
What were the cons in relation to FSU, Kyle?
RipCurl 22:09:09
Bakas is that you?
mike joined the chat at 22:09:08
SACane 22:09:08
KW, Should I plug you in as the starting QB next year for the NCAA 2003 football game? LOL
KyleWright 22:09:02
SA Cane: #7 that';s my favorite number. Ethnic Sands will be graduating. Coming in January, I'll have first picks.
mike joined the chat at 22:08:39
caniac 22:08:28
pardon the grammer
caniac 22:08:17
I born and raised in Southington (live there now). Work in Simsbury for an Investment Management firm.
RipCurl 22:08:16
Kyle, why is buisness so important to you? What areas are you interested in?
stormsurge 22:08:11
I like this guy's attitude. He's ready to run out of the tunnel with the smoke now !!!!!
MeccaCane 22:07:54
Kyle: how will you take advantage of starting at UM in Jan.?
KyleWright 22:07:46
Iowa: I'm already qualified with the NCAA clearinghouse and passed my SAT.
SACane 22:07:45
Do you know what number you will wear at UM?
IowaCane16 22:07:45
Yeah who was negatively recruiting against us so when we play them we can drill them by even more points
big lou 22:07:42
Kyle, what is it about California football that produces such an abundance of QB talent? While we have tremendous football in Florida, we don't seem to produce many good QB's in Florida?
stormsurge 22:07:20
Kyle, please talk about your impressions of Coach Werner...what made him a person you want to work?
ace left the chat at 22:07:15

Adrian 22:07:06
Did other schools bring up fan support?
skeeter 22:06:58
gotta love that answer...
Canetankerous 22:06:47
Where in CT caniac?
IowaCane16 22:06:37
Kyle, you better take the SAT 4 times or the NCAA might flag you (sorry it's a sore subject with me)
sr4canes joined the chat at 22:06:32
KyleWright 22:06:31
I am friends with Marc and we throw with the same QB coach. I have no problem going in and competing with Marc. I know my competition. If any QB is really worried about competition, they need to hang their cleats today. If you cant compete, you dont have a pulse as a QB.
caniac 22:06:13
I can relate to the distance. I went to UM from Connecticut. Although, I think there will have to be some type of adjustment at any school you go to. Looking back, I would NEVER pick a different school! I loved the people, the campus, the city, and the education. The football wasn't bad either. Best of luck!
Doublecane 22:05:47
Kyle, Did other schools negatively recruit with respect to UM? If so, which ones and what did they say?
No1Ranked 22:05:31
Hey Kyle, think you can help us land WR Lewis or Caldwell
KyleWright 22:05:28
I've met Devin a couple times. He was arguably the best H.S. player I ever saw. I was on the sidelines at the Calif Florda game and watched him and was amazed. I saw him again when I was at Miami.
KCCaneFan 22:05:23
Kyle aside for the relationship with the coaches what really made the difference in your decision between UM and USC
iiMDii 22:05:22
Why did you seriously consider our rival, FSU, Kyle?
IowaCane16 22:05:15
Awesome, you are going to love seeing the OB rocking
big lou 22:05:05
Kyle, have you heard of other players who are interested in coming to Miami from Cali?
5XNC 22:04:41
bring whitney w/ you
SCOTTCANE 22:04:38
NoahZach 22:04:36
Kyle: Tell your dad that you'll have a ring or two to wear with that hat!
cane99 22:04:36
Kyle, did you get an oppurtunity to watch the game on Saturday? if so what was your impression of the team?
No1Ranked 22:04:34
Welcome to the cane family Kyle
KyleWright 22:04:27
Iowa Cane: Yes, I'll be there for the FSU game. I haven't really set up an official visit with them, but that'll be it.
SACane 22:04:06
I say he rooms with Hester.
cane83 22:03:56
RipCurl 22:03:24
Kyle, do you have a roommate in mind??? Or are you just gonna with whoever the coaches/housing choose?
KyleWright 22:03:18
caniac: My Dad went with me and he said if he chose a school, it would have been Miami. They're very supportive. The only factor is I can't get much further away from home. It's 3000 miles away but my parents support my decision and my dad is wearing a Canes hat right now.
KCCaneFan 22:03:04
Nothing like some good T & A to pass the time away
IowaCane16 22:02:56
Kyle, you coming down for the FSU game?
MeccaCane 22:02:55
kyle: are you aware of how the qb's from the past have helped Dorsey and do you like for that same type of interaction?
Diehard Cane joined the chat at 22:02:27
kdub joined the chat at 22:02:17
5XNC 22:02:14
kyle, can you move in the pocket? what is your 40? can you run a little if you have to?
SCOTTCANE 22:02:04
KYLE what did PETE CARROLL say after you told him it was MIAMI?????
big lou 22:02:03
I asked because that was the case with Dorsey and Guillon.
NoahZach 22:01:35
Kyle, your humility is refreshing. We're looking forward to having you represent our University.
calicane left the chat at 22:01:31

sfcane joined the chat at 22:01:28
IowaCane16 22:01:27
Kyle, how many passes you going to sling tomorrow night?
KyleWright 22:01:22
big lou: It's actually very similar which was something that was very attractive to me. We have the same route tree, same play calling, everything. Yours is more complex but they're very similar.
Joel Ryals 22:00:19
5XNC 22:00:18
kyle, don't take anymore phone calls or visits, unless they are from or to UM
KyleWright 22:00:17
NoahZach: Playing style, I would say..Student Sports after Elite 11 compared us to NFL players and I got compared with John Elway just for my arm and quick release but in no way am I comparing myself to him. I like to get it done and work hard. Roger Theder said I look like a smoother Dan Marino. It's really flattering but those are big words.
stormsurge 22:00:08
Mike, let Kyle know that all three major local TV stations reported his commitment tonight
Doublecane 22:00:01
Kyle: What do the other coaches say about Miami? FSU? Tenn? Etc/
Bermuda 21:59:58
I think you should be proud of your dad too Kyle. It's hard to have a kid so far away. He sounds like a good man. You'll just have to hope a Cali team has the first pick when you come out as a junior.
SCOTTCANE 21:59:54
Adrian 21:59:44
cane83 21:59:44
Kyle are you bracing yourself for hometown pressure as well as other coaches trying to convince you to reconsider?
jkaz1 left the chat at 21:59:29

stormsurge 21:59:18
Excellent question, Caniac
caniac 21:59:01
How did your parents feel about UM?
5XNC 21:58:38
kyle, even if you do no recruiting, UM will bring in the best for you
JRodCane 21:58:26
Yeah, Andre is a prototype of Andre johnson.
skeeter 21:57:52
fair enough, my friend
big lou 21:57:50
Kyle, how similar is the system that you play in compared to UM's?
KyleWright 21:57:26
Someone asked me about bringing in some players. I said I hope so. I hope it'll bring in a domino effect. I hope it'll bring in good athletes to follow me. I've thrown with Whitney and we're friends. I'd love for us to be teammates but I heard Andre Caldwell is a real good one too.
KCCaneFan 21:57:19
We'll talk about it later. Shoot me an email. Let's talk to Kyle now.
RipCurl 21:57:16
Hey Kyle, what are your thoughts on the Big East? Did you get a chance to see VT beat down Marshall? Did conference affiliation have any bearing on your decision at all?
ace 21:57:13
Did UM's business school play a major role in your decision?
JRodCane 21:57:05
Kyle, you didn't get a chance to see your future team mates practice when you here. What are you expecting?
caniac 21:57:02
And you have some former Business School grads on board here, so if you need to know some great professors just ask.
SCOTTCANE 21:57:00
KYLE DOES SHOCKEY GORE AJ EDGERRIN PORTIS HELP u decide that u want these types of athletes on your side?????????
iiMDii 21:56:57
What's wrong with SoBeach Kyle?
MeccaCane 21:56:48
Kyle: how do you see yourself fitting into the offensive system that UM runs?
IowaCane16 21:56:40
Kyle, are you a good recruiter??
longtimecane 21:56:33
Welcome aboard Kyle!! We're thrilled to have you!
NoahZach 21:56:33
Kyle, who do you compare yourself to in terms of playing style? Welcome!
5XNC 21:56:29
you will have the best athletes from south florida and around the country supporting you
cane83 21:56:17
Kyle are you really gonna stay away from South Beach? ;)
mlima12 joined the chat at 21:56:16
big lou 21:56:06
Kyle, is Bobby Bowden a BS artist or what?
stormsurge 21:56:05
It's a family. So great to see Kosar talking with Dorsey
Bermuda 21:56:01
Kyle make sure you move into Ludlam point when you move off campus!! Then again that might distract you.
RipCurl 21:55:31
Smart choice Kyle. Not just the right one, but a smart one. But you know that,
caniac 21:55:31
You picked a great school, Kyle. I think you'll have an outstanding experience in Coral Gables, and I wish you the best.
KyleWright 21:55:26
re: What stands out the most, besides the fact that they won the title last year and now they're "rebuilding" and kicked the crap out of Florida in the Swamp. I can't say enough how well I got along with the Coaches. It seems like players are really buying into what coaches are trying to do.
stormsurge 21:55:11
Welcome Kyle....these will be some of the best years of you life. Seriously
KCCaneFan 21:55:03
welcome to the family kyle
MisterBojangles 21:55:00
Are you gonna bring whitney lewis with you?
Diehard Cane 21:54:53
did you have a good idea that you wanted to come when you visited FSU?
big lou 21:54:46
Congrats, Kyle. How would you compare our coaches versus the other programs?
skeeter 21:54:40
congratulations, Kyle and welcome to the family
stormsurge 21:54:37
stormsurge 21:54:27
SCOTTCANE 21:54:22
caniac 21:54:21
Go 'Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KyleWright 21:54:19
I told Coach Coker on Sunday so I've known for the whole week on my decision.
5XNC 21:54:18
kyle, what is your ring size?
stormsurge 21:54:14
I'm passing out here folks! No oxygen!!
JRodCane 21:54:12
Kyle, would like to know if you are planning on finishing the story on your recruiting trip with the Alameda Star?
KyleWright 21:53:50
ready for questions
KyleWright 21:53:43
Thanks for having me in and Go Canes!

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