Dwayne Bowe Update

The talented wide receiver is off to an excellent start this season. Read on to find out why he was asked to remove his shirt prior to the Florida game, what UM coach Curtis Johnson is saying to him, and the possibility of Bowe becoming a Hurricane.

I spoke to Dwayne's grandmother, whom he lives with, since he's been extremely difficult to get ahold of. She talked about a few different topics.

"He went to the Florida/Miami game," she said. "He was glad [Miami] won, but he was upset at the how they made him undress at the gate just because he was wearing a Miami jersey. When they invited Dwayne to the game, they didn't send him a list of what could or could not be worn to the game."

Bowe, who is preparing to take the SATs, received some good academic news last week.

"He got all A's on his progress report," she said. "He's trying to focus on getting his grades in order."

Bowe has received phone calls from several college coaches over the last couple weeks, including Miami.

"Coach Johnson from Miami has called," she said. "But he's never able to get ahold of Dwayne. I asked CJ about Dwayne getting a chance to play his first year because that's very important to him. He said it's always up to the kids whether they play or not in the first year. He said how Santana Moss came to him and said he wanted to play and he did. Then Andre [Johnson] said he wanted to redshirt and he did. Dwayne just wants to play right away."

Bowe, who has only played football since last August, has four touchdown receptions in two games this season. His father said he's watched a lot of progress.

"He keeps getting better and better especially as he gets more confidence," he said. "Dwayne can do whatever he puts his mind to. "He wants to see if he can play at UM right away. If he can, than that's where he'll go."

Bowe is also being recruited by Florida State, Michigan State, LSU, and several others.

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