Skill Players Performed Well in Testing

This past spring, the skill players performed well in testing with strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey. Here are their results...


Kirby Freeman ran a 4.44 in the 40-yard dash, which ranked sixth on the team. Freeman's speed allows him to make plays when things break down. He showed this ability last season as he rushed for 109 yards. Kyle Wright did not rank in the top 10 of any of the statistical categories.


Javarris James and Charlie Jones both squatted 525 pounds, which impressed Swasey as both players are in the 205-215 pound range. Both playes have strong lower bodies and known for the strength on the field so it comes as no surprise that they would be do well with squats.

James and Derron Thomas did not run the 40-yard dash due to injuries, but Jones ran a 4.65.

Freshman Craig Cooper ran a 4.43 in the 40-yard dash. Cooper also tied for the team-high with a 38 1/2-inch vertical jump.


Sam Shields ran the top 40-yard dash time with a 4.26. Shields also did well lifting with 365 (squat), 242 (clean), and 265 (bench).

Khalil Jones ran a 4.43 in the 40 and tied for the team lead with a 38 1/2-inch vertical jump.

Ryan Hill ran a 4.56 in the 40-yard dash. Hill's 3.98 in the short shuttle was the fastest on the team.


The quarterbacks and the receivers are getting together for at least 90 minutes twice a week to work on their timing and getting their routes down.

The receivers are taking it upon themselves this summer to work extra hard to avoid the label of being a weak link on the team that they have heard over the past few years.

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