Heisman Contender - Not Dorsey?

By definition the Heisman Trophy Award is handed out to college football's ‘most outstanding player' in the United States. But with time we've all learned that is not always the case or the ultimate criteria used when the bronzed statue is handed out every December.

Worshipped for years on years, the muscular man with the stiff-arm smells of being left in a closet and developing a rusty stench thanks to the award's selectors pension of stretching the winner's accomplishments out like gum combined with whose name adorns the most stunning stat-graphics on national television, not to mention magazines, newspapers, pre-games, post-games, etc.

Ken Dorsey fits the bill perfectly.

Dorsey has all the pieces in place: a ridiculous record as starting quarterback of the best college football team in the land; a national championship ring placed on his finger after a perfect season; and the headlining attention that comes naturally when you are behind center on the No. 1 University of Miami Hurricanes.

Despite his repeated public cries of putting the Hurricanes first and Heisman second, Dorsey- barring a major miracle- has been pitched endlessly by the university and will no doubt walk away with the hardware.

Only problem is Dorsey isn't the best ‘college football' player in the country, he isn't the best player on the Hurricanes and he isn't even the best player in the offense he manages game in and game out.

Yes his role as a leader and disciplined passer on this team can't be questioned, only it is hard to imagine any quarterback that wouldn't benefit from having a variety of weapons that have made his life that much easier. From Santana Moss to Reggie Wayne to Andre King to James Jackson to Clinton Portis to Jeremy Shockey to Andre Johnson, Dorsey has never –not once- during his tenure at the school had to put the Hurricanes on his shoulder and take them along for the ride There are more than a handful of reasons why these Hurricanes just might be better than last year's championship bunch, which brings to mind Johnson, Jonathan Vilma, Andrew Williams, Vince Wilfork, Jerome McDougle, Roscoe Parrish, Kellen Winslow II, Cornelius Green, D.J. Williams and WILLIS MCGAHEE!

And Dorsey, for all his leadership and ability to dial up the correct buttons, classifies closer to the bottom than the top on the list of ‘best players' on this collection, which in turn validates several things.

Ken Dorsey is a very good player, just not a great one, who is taking care of what he is supposed to: an outstanding football team. Dorsey doesn't have to go out and light up opposing defenses for 300-yards and five touchdown passes every Saturday to have his team prevail.

He can be a meager 13-of-26 for 202 yards and bounce numerous passes off the Orange Bowl grass and still enjoy the fruits of a 38-6 waxing of a respectable Division I opponent in Boston College. For anybody keeping just an eye on what's going on with the Hurricanes and with a Heisman vote to boot, it should be obvious that the man behind the team's success so far this season isn't Dorsey- His name is Willis McGahee.

The same Willis McGahee that has carried the defending national champions this season with his legs and is all of a sudden the No. 1 offensive option on the No. 1 team. The same McGahee who took a valiant effort by Boston College and smeared it with 135 rushing yards (221 all-purpose yards) and three touchdowns.

Dorsey will continue to grab all the requests and fill the spotlight as the Hurricanes front man. But McGahee is why the Hurricanes have yet to lose a game and look close to unbeatable heading into the season's second month.

This is the same McGahee who arrived for practice this past spring tangled up with fellow running back Frank Gore in a battle for the starting slot. The same McGahee who stood in line last year as Portis and Gore run pass him on the depth chart.

It's a shame that this game is only played with one ball because the Hurricanes have enough offensive players on the field at one time to paste out of order signs on three scoreboards. But its McGahee that ran around and through the Florida defense several weeks ago for 204 yards and spark a dominating victory over the Gators in Gainesville. That was McGahee that lit a fire under the UM offense in a lackluster outing against Temple, while Dorsey was average at best. Then Saturday night, McGahee showed off his power, speed and elusiveness to leave Boston College grasping.

Dorsey will pickup the Heisman, only he should do something with it he is quite accustomed to: hand it off to McGahee.

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