Visit For DL Will be Very Important

This super talented defensive tackle has his list down to three and the Hurricanes are battling a hometown school from out of state. He will be visiting UM for the Florida State game so read on to find out where the Hurricanes rank on his current list and why he likes the Canes. Plus get a detailed analysis from him if a matchup between the Canes and his top choice would happen to play each other.

At 6-foot-3 and 280 pounds, Warrensville Heights, Ohio standout defensive tackle David Patterson has enjoyed a strong start to his season.

In helping his team to a 4-1 start, Patterson has registered 10 sacks and one caused fumble.

"Our team is definitely looking strong," Patterson said. "We played against one of the top backs around here and held him to just 58 yards. Last week, our defense had five interceptions. I've been playing both ways all year."

Patterson, a full academic qualifier, said recruiting is starting to heat up.

"A lot of schools still call but I'm trying to narrow things down," he said. "The three schools that are still there are Michigan, Ohio State, and Miami. And maybe Maryland might be in there too."

The talented defensive lineman said he speaks every week to UM coach Mark Stoops.

"He basically calls every week and checks up on things," he said. "I like him and Coach Coker a lot. I'm really looking forward to taking my visit to Miami on October 12. I've only been to Florida once but never to Miami. They've always been one of my top choices and I'll finally be able to compare them to Ohio State and Michigan. That's going to be real important. I can't wait."

Patterson, who will be at UM for the game against Florida State, said he watched the first in-state battle.

"I watched Miami beat up on Florida," he said. "Florida's just not the same without Steve Spurrier but Miami just keeps reloading and getting better."

Interestingly, Patterson could also become a college football color analyst. After hearing Lee Corso talk about a possible Fiesta Bowl game between Miami and Ohio State, Patterson began thinking of what might happen in a game between the two. He takes us through it.

"Well, both teams have a lot of talent," he said. "They both are led by great running backs. Miami with Willis McGahee and Ohio State with Maurice Clarett. But there are two areas of the game that I think would give Miami the edge. First, Ohio State is starting a true freshman cornerback on one side and he's struggled at times this season. He's done OK so far but I don't think he'd be ready for all the receivers that Miami has on their team. I think that would give Miami some big play opportunities. And the second area would be in the line. Ohio State's offensive line is good but I dont think they'd be able to handle Miami's defensive line. I mean, their backups are just as good as the starters it seems. That's how Miami beat Florida in the second half and it's probably why they are probably the best team right now. With those two areas, I think Miami would win in the 4th quarter."

Until then, both teams have plenty of games to play, including Miami's showdown with FSU that Patterson will see. Aside from seeing the big game, what will Patterson look for since the Buckeyes are the current leader?

"I went to Michigan for their game against Western Michigan and I enjoyed it. The stadium was great and the atmosphere was great," he said. "But I guess you could say that Ohio State has a slight lead. At Miami, I know it's a great school with a great football program. I need to experience it first hand and feel how special it really is there. Ohio State is special to me but Miami might be even better. I won't know till I take my visit. I should know right after that visit where I'm going. It might be Miami, it might be Ohio State, or it might be Michigan. Like I said, I cant wait."

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