Leggett Healthy Again

During the spring, Lance Leggett tweaked his knee during practice and was held out of the spring game. He was resigned to standing on the sidelines with crutches and a removable cast covering his entire leg.

During Media Day Friday afternoon, he spoke to reporters about his summer, this time without the aid of crutches or a cast.

"Right now, I feel really comfortable," said Leggett. "I worked hard during the summer and tried to put some weight on."

Leggett's career at Miami thus far has been inconsistent. He showed immense promise as a freshman in 2004, but a sophomore slump in 2005 slowed his progress down.

Last year, he rebounded, finishing second on the team in receptions with 38 and first in yards with 584. This year, he'll need to bring it all together if the Hurricanes want to enjoy any kind of success.

His ability to stretch the field is unmatched by any other receiver on Miami's roster, and will be extremely important for an offense that has had trouble in recent years with making big plays. Without Leggett or opposite starter Darnell Jenkins available for the spring game, the Miami passing offense struggled.

Leggett insists that he's ready to take on any and all responsibilities that may come his way, however.

"I'm happy I've had ups and downs, because it has made me better as a man," he said. "I feel like a sophomore year I was a little boy, going through maturity, but I'm a man right now."

Leggett and the Hurricanes begin fall practice Saturday at 7:50am.

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