Marve and McKenzie Moving Forward

Quarterback Robert Marve and wide receiver Jermaine McKenzie spoke to the media today about their expected recovery times for injuries sustained in a brutal crash last month.

Both Robert Marve and Jermaine McKenzie are expected to miss considerable time, and both will possibly redshirt.

"I'm doing just fine, I'm just rehabbing," said McKenzie. "The doctors are saying that I'll have the brace on for about three months, so I should have it on until mid October."

Marve will take slightly less time to heal, although he'll also have to rehab for an unknown amount of time after his cast is removed:

"I'm having my brace on for another six weeks at least, but I'm feeling good," he said. "I think the biggest thing is that we just get our bodies back from the car accident. Being in the hospital for so long, we need to get our weight back. We're both happy to be here and being back with the team instead of just being at home."

While it may be hard to forget the near catastrophic crash that left the two freshmen seriously injured, both of them insist that they have focused their efforts on moving forward and preparing for the 2007 season, regardless of whether they play in it or not.

Both Marve, a quarterback, and McKenzie, a receiver, were seriously competing for playing time during the summer, and both were performing exceptionally well during 7 on 7's. After the crash; however, their hopes of playing as freshmen diminished. Still, they aren't concerned with playing time.

"We're not worried about redshirting," they said together at their press conference today. "We're just trying to help the team any way we can right now. Football is football, whether it's now or next year or whatever. Right now, we're just worried about this upcoming season." To prepare, Marve and McKenzie, who are roommates, have continued to attend team meetings and have studied the playbook every night in their dorm room. Because both of them are physically limited due to their injuries, they have spent most of their time going back and forth between their dorm room and the football facilities.

"We can't be on the field right now, but we're going to all the meetings, we're going over the playbook in the dorm room. Us being roommates and everything, we've just been fighting this battle together."

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