Shannon Praises the Offense

On Sunday, the Hurricanes offense did something it hadn't done in a while: It dominated the defense. Coach Shannon took some time after practice to give us his thoughts.

"The offense did a good job with a couple plays, but they also had turnovers, which we cannot have," Randy Shannon said. "You know what it is? If we get big plays on offense now, the defense is going to have to stop them. It's a start for what we're trying to get done on offense."

Shannon was pleased with the performance despite being primarily a defensive minded coach. He gave reporters his perspective on how a good offense benefits the defense.

"Everybody, even the defensive coordinator, is happy when the offense puts 7 points on the board quickly," he said. "Then the defense can go out on the field, stop them, and now the other team's defense is tired and has to go out there again."

The defense did get some shots in today, as Colin McCarthy and Eric Houston both picked off Kyle Wright.

"Defensively, creating turnovers is a big emphasis for this camp and today's practice was about that."

Generally however, the offense was able to do a multitude of things with success. Both Wright and Kirby Freeman hit deep passes to Lance Leggett and Darnell Jenkins, respectively, and Javarris James, Charlie Jones, and freshman Lee Chambers all had success running the football.

"There's competition every day and you know what? If the defense is getting its butt whooped a little bit, that's good," said Shannon about the defense's performance. "It makes those guys not feel complacent or feel relaxed. Now that the offense is getting big plays, it'll make them bear down and work a little bit."

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