Several Players Punished After Practice

In keeping with Randy Shannon's ongoing theme of ‘accountability,' several players were forced to run and crab walk after practice. Read on to find out who it was and Coach Shannon's reaction...

Darnell Jenkins, Darren Daly, and Jerrell Mabry all crab walked at least 200 yards after practice after running gassers with the team. Jenkins in particular had a difficult time, collapsing more than once and needing the help of Coach Shannon to finish.

Coach Shannon wouldn't clue the media in as to why they were being punished, but explained his reasoning after practice.

"They have to be accountable for everything that they do," Shannon said after practice. "I'm not going to tell you what they did, but you have to have guys that are going to do the right things to win games and we can't have any distractions."

Interestingly enough, Shannon mentioned that players could be punished for the performance on the field, and that punishments weren't necessarily due to off the field incidents or violations.

On the other side of the field, several linemen stayed after practice to run extra gassers. Among those linemen were Andrew Bain, Cyrim Wimbs, Ian Symonnette, Chris Barney, and walk-on Jonathan Teske. Being that all of those players are offensive linemen, it probably wouldn't be that far off to assume that they were running because their weights weren't where they needed to be.

Weight has been an issue in the past for Bain, Wimbs, and Symonnette. Bain has been playing mostly with the second team, possibly because of his weight.

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