Stoutland Brings Energy to Line

Out of all the new incoming coaches, Jeff Stoutland is arguably the most enjoyable to watch. Read on to find out what Stoutland is talking about after two days of practice.

Jeff Stoutland's hiring was of particular interest to ‘Canes fans for two reasons. Firstly, Miami's offensive lines had garnered a reputation the last two seasons for being out of shape and underachieving. Secondly, the Hurricanes needed to replace the ever popular Mario Cristobal, who took the head coaching job at Florida International University.

During practice, Stoutland is full of energy. He seems very enthusiastic and, to say the least, he is loud. He's the first to his players know when they've done something wrong, but also the first to congratulate them. He can often be heard from across the practice field giving instructions to his players.

"I don't yell at practice, I'm just an emotional kind of guy," Stoutland said after practice. "I'm not yelling at them, I'm encouraging them. They are a great group of guys. They have a lot of energy and they respond to coaching. It's not like they are hearing something and they don't execute it the next time. It's preseason, they're going to make mistakes. They just have to come out here the next day and correct those mistakes."

From the outside, Stoutland is a very detailed oriented coach. He spent much of the past two days teaching his linemen how to position their hands and feet when driving to run block. He also took some time to correct a problem that plagued the team last spring, botching the center snap exchange.

"We went back and analyzed that particular technique and what causes that to happen," he said. "It's easy to say to the guy ‘hey! Snap the ball!' You have to take note of what's going on there. We've analyzed that as coaches and told stuff like ‘here's where your hips have to be' so that when they do it, they are thinking about that."

The player taking most of the first team snaps at center has been AJ Trump. He was held out of spring because he needed to recover from an injury, but the talented sophomore has been progressing nicely.

"Trump has flourished," said Stoutland. "He's been on the shelf for a while so he's got some rust to knock out. You have to gradually work your way into it. This is a long camp. It's not a still shot, it's a motion picture. It goes on and on, so we want to make sure we're bringing him back in and we're not doing too much right now."

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