Bain vs. Franklin

The premier position battle of the fall thus far has been at the left guard position, where freshman Orlando Franklin and senior Andrew Bain are competing for a starting job. Read on to find out the latest with this development...

Orlando Franklin continues to make an impression on coaches despite only being a Hurricane for two practices.

"With Orlando, we all know he's a very talented, gifted, strong, and young player. Obviously he's not a real freshman because he's a year older but he's a very physical for a guy his age, more so than some guys who are fifth year seniors. He can feasibly play with the first team now because he's so physical."

"Strength. Quickness. Explosiveness. A lot of guys have to develop that for two years in college, and he's got that right now."

Interestingly, the year off that Franklin was forced to take to clear up his academic issues may have ultimately been to his benefit from a football standpoint, as Coach Stoutland explained:

"He wouldn't say it, but the fact that he's learning a new system right now and had he been here before he'd have to learn the old system and now the new system. It might have gotten a little confusing to him. Now he's learning this one fresh and he's going to have the same system for four or five years, so he'll be in that system and he'll be really really good at it."

One might think that Franklin's performance comes at the expense of senior Andrew Bain, who plays the same position. Add that to the fact that Bain was seen running gassers after practice, and it's easy to assume that he's out of shape, something that has plagued him during his tenure at Miami.

Not so fast, says Stoutland.

"Bain is a terrific player, Stoutland said after practice. "He's smart and is a student of the game. It's going to be a great situation right there with two players that can play in any given game. I think Bain is in the best shape he's been in since he's been here. In physical testing he's doing better than he's ever done. He's getting better."

Despite Stoutland's encouraging words, Bain has been getting the majority of his reps with the second team. The senior has not been discouraged by this, and was seen last practice giving Franklin some tips and words of encouragement.

Bain has made such a positive impression on Stoutland that he hasn't ruled out perhaps playing them both.

"It's a matter of both those guys complimenting each other and I'm sorry to everyone, but my responsibility is to find the best five football players, and that's the only way I can be fair to the players I coach."

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