Fox: 'We Have a Long Way to Go'

Last season was baptism by fire for Jason Fox. Then a freshman, the talented tackle was forced into the starting lineup early in the season due to injury, where he excelled and was eventually named to various freshman All-American teams. Read on to see what Fox is saying after the first few days of practice.

The excitement of his development turned to concern during this spring when he was held out of spring ball with an unspecified knee injury. Rumors about the seriousness of the injury spread, but today Jason Fox insists he's 100 percent healthy.

"I think that got out more than it should have," Fox said about the injury. "It wasn't much of an injury, it was just a strain. I'm feeling healthy and everyone is just ready to go. Everyone is ready to just kick this thing off."

Despite Fox's injury, Coach Stoutland moved Fox to left tackle during the spring and he has stayed there during fall camp. The goal of moving him permanently to left tackle was to take advantage of his quickness. The transition has not been difficult for Fox.

"It's just that everything is backwards," he said about learning to play left tackle. "The only thing I can say is that it's going to bring more responsibility and more pressure. I have confidence in myself, I think all the guys have confidence in me, and I have confidence in all of them. I don't care where they put me or where they put those guys. As far as offensive line goes, wherever they put us is where we're going to play."

Another subject of interest in regards to Fox is that he's put on a good 30 lbs. since he arrived last year. During Media Day, Fox claimed to be "about 290 or 295, in that area."

If you're concerned about Fox losing some of his quickness to gain that weight, don't be. He claims that he's just naturally filling out.

"I don't look at losing quickness. I just try to stay lean. If I feel myself gaining too much weight, then I'm going to slow down a little bit, but I'm trying to make myself better and stronger, and taking the right steps to get strong without losing speed or quickness. The weight's just naturally going to come with that."

Fox's newfound weight has become especially useful during 11 on 11's, where he's usually given the task of blocking Calais Campbell. During camp so far, there has been a lot of mixing and matching on the offensive line, but Fox insisted that it hasn't hurt the line's cohesiveness and teamwork.

"Right now we're just trying to get a feel for things and determine who plays best at what position and who plays best when they're next to certain guys and that's all that it's about right now, we're still in the early stages and just trying out a lot of things that'll let us be successful later."

"We have a long way to go. A lot can happen as far as the depth chart, injuries, and position changes. We still have a lot of camp to go."

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