Becoming Better Teammates

Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman seem dead-locked in a tight competition to determine who will become the team's starting quarterback to start the season. Randy Shannon believes the two have become better teammates because of it. Read on to find out why...

Often times quarterback competitions will divide a team. That hasn't been the case with Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman competing for the job this year. From the day Randy Shannon was given the job as head coach, neither quarterback has had the upperhand in his public opinion.

Shannon believes the key to the competition is giving them the same opportunities in practice/scrimmage situations.

"We are going to bounce back and forth, and when we scrimmage, our scrimmage will be more like a game," Shannon said. "They'll both get an opportunity to work with the 1's and 2's and actually scrimmage with them, and during practice they'll do the exact same things also."

After several months of competition, Shannon said it's still totally even.

"They are even steven," he said. "One will take one drill, the other will take another drill. They bounce back and forth in practice. Whoever is going to give us the best chance will win."

After a tough competition in the spring, the two quarterbacks seemed to have gotten closer in recent months and that's very important for team chemistry.

"This summer, those guys did a great job of being better teammates – not quarterbacks, teammates," Shannon said. "They got a better perspective of who they are."

Teams with competitions like this often seem divided -- some players will favor one and others will favor the other. Shannon said the players feel comfortable with both quarterbacks.

"The players on the team feel that we have two starting quarterbacks," he said. "Not 1A and 1B, but two starters. Whoever starts, fine. If we have to play both, fine. If neither one of those guys makes it, then we'll have to find some kind of way to win games, and we'll do that."

Shannon has said before that he plans on naming a starter during the week leading up to the season opener against Marshall on Sept 1.

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