Canestime August 7th Practice Report

The Hurricanes took the field on Tuesday in shells (shoulder pads, helmets, and shorts) for practice. It was another hot South Florida Day. Read on for our full practice report.

Coach Randy Shannon Comments on Practice

Coach Shannon spoke to reporters after practice. "We did some red zone work and some third down situations," he said. "Practice was practice. We got a little physical and that's about it." "Our inside runs guys did a good job on both sides of the ball. That's about it, nothing else."


Referees were present at today's practice, indicating some level of scrimmaging. It was the first time during fall practice that they attended a practice.


Darryl Sharpton was not with the other injured players during the first 25 minutes of practice; however, according to Coach Randy Shannon, he was being held out mostly for precautionary measures. Senior defensive tackle Teraz McCray was held out today as well, but Shannon insisted it was nothing serious.

"He's a little nicked right now, he's sitting out right now, that's all," said Coach Shannon after practice. "[Sharpton] is getting better. Like I said, it depends on when the bones and muscles heal, I don't know. He could probably come in and start tomorrow if he had to."

Romeo Davis, Anthony Reddick, Damien Berry, and Chris Perry took part in plyometric ladder drills.

Javarris James taped his ankle up and took a bit longer to hit the field for drills, but practiced fully.

Hankerson and Ojomo Practice

Freshmen Leonard Hankerson and Adewale Ojomo, fresh from being cleared by the NCAA to practice, participated in their first practice as Hurricanes. Ojomo was not available for comment after practice because he had to go inside to lift with the rest of the linemen, but Hankerson took a few moments to address the media.

"It feels really good," said Hankerson. "I'm out there with the team so it feels really good. I've seen a lot of stuff that I didn't know and some stuff that I did know. The stuff I didn't know, I'm getting to do it, so I'll know it later on."

Coach Shannon also commented on their admittance. "It's nice. It's an opportunity for those young guys. It gets discouraging when you have to sit out and you want to be a part of something. They did everything that they were both asked to do. They were just waiting for the Clearing House to clear them."

Shannon also reassured reporters that they wouldn't be hurt by the time they missed."With three days, they didn't really miss anything," he said. "They still have 26 more days of practice."


In the limited time that the media was allowed to spectate, the team was able to complete stretches and start some drill work. The offense and defense split up, and the offense went over some run plays while the defense did an unspecified drill. After about five minutes, the quarterbacks, receivers, and running backs practiced catching some fade routes.

Armour Still on First Team

So far during the fall, Carlos Armour has quietly been practicing mostly with the first team at cornerback. He has been the victim of several nagging injuries throughout his career, including an ACL tear during his sophomore season. He's been healthy now though and has impressed coaches in practice. Does he have a starting job locked up? Not quite yet, according to Shannon.

"He finished up at first team during the spring at that position, so now he's going with the Ones. I don't know if he's a starter or nothing, but he's working with the Ones and when the time comes, he'll have to keep going." "Injuries got him, but like I told him, he can't worry about it now. It's a new opportunity, a new season, and he's doing fine."

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