Bailey Adjusts to Pace

Highly touted linebacker Allen Bailey is an extremely physically gifted young man competing for time at middle linebacker this fall for the Hurricanes. Read on to see what Bailey is saying about adjusting to the college game.

Allen Bailey, a former five star high school recruit from Sapelo Island, Georgia, has undergone quite an environment change. Bailey has gone from living on an island with approximately 60 other residents and taking a ferry to the mainland to go to school, to living in one of the largest metropolis areas in the United States.

"Nothing much has really changed," he said about his move. "You get used to the environment. I haven't been to many places yet but I haven't had a chance to visit here or any stuff like that, but so far nothing much has changed."

Bailey has come into practice rotating between the second and third team at middle linebacker. While he has not gotten the mental part of the game down quite yet, he certainly looks the part physically. He is listed at 6'4" and 270 lbs, freakish numbers for a middle linebacker. Even more amazing is that when you see him in person, you are left wondering if any of that weight is fat.

"My coach came in like three years ago and we started doing year-round weight lifting," Bailey said about how he got so big. "I owe that to him. I started in 10th grade, so it's been about three years."

It takes more than brawn to succeed at the college level; however, and Bailey understands that. He has been taking reps primarily with the second and third teams, respectively. He seems to understand exactly what he needs to do to increase his reps and advance in the depth chart, and is really beginning to grasp the differences between high school and college.

"Work hard, learn the playbook, show them at practice, and I should be pretty good," he said.

"It's an adjustment [at the college level]. There's more speed and depth too. The first day it was difficult. It was so fast paced; I didn't know what pace to go at, so I followed the other linebackers. It's easier today though."

Bailey has also done a good job of identifying his strengths and weaknesses."I need to get a little bit better downfield," he said. "I need to open up better to the tight end in coverage. I probably have to learn the coverage a little better."

"I'm good downhill. I feel I'm pretty good downhill. Gap to gap, I feel pretty good about that."

Bailey will look to continue learning when full pads come on tomorrow.

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