Canestime August 8th Practice Report

The first practice day in pads came with an overcast of clouds on the eve of the team's padded scrimmage tomorrow. Despite it, the Hurricane players came out and had a fine day of practice.

"(We) got a lot of good things done," Head Coach, Randy Shannon said. "The guys competed today, and flew around."

Shannon followed with a critique. "We just (have) to keep working. It's a process getting the whole team knowing and understanding the mentality of what we are (going) to be and we are doing a good job, but we got to be a little more consistent."

On whether or not the team was ready for tomorrow's scrimmage, he didn't know.

One of the big topics of the day was the 6-foot-4, 260 pound Richard Gordon, the multi-talented sophomore that is being used all over the field. He is recently experimenting at the kick returner position. Shannon mentioned one attribute that former great Miami returnmen like Tremain Mack, Andre Johnson, and Devin Hester share in common with Gordon. Size.

However, none of the aforementioned players had the size of Gordon.

Away from special teams, the coaching staff has plans of using Gordon as a weapon on offense.

"Richard is a big time athlete and we have to use his ability and I think that is where the offense is going," Shannon said. "We sat down and discussed where we think it is best to use Richard at and right now he would be a tremendous help for us on offense."

Other News and Notes:

-Shannon, responding to a recent internet rumor regarding the transfer of University of Mississippi defensive tackle, Jerrell Powe said, "Who is that? I don't know who that is. I know (former UM offensive lineman) Alex Pou ."

I think that clears up that little rumor.

-The early morning practices started off with the DL and OL doing light drills. The OL was specifically praised. They emphasized hand and footwork. Offensive Line Coach, Jeff Stoutland praised the explosion from the left guard position of Offensive Linemen Orlando Franklin and Andrew Bain. Chris Rutledge was also overheard as a standout.

-Defensive end Adewale Ojomo and Wide Receiver Leonard Hankerson were in pads today after being cleared by the NCAA Clearing House on Monday afternoon. Ojomo specifically looked pretty loose out there.

-Ian Symonette looked slimmed down from the last time I saw him, during the spring.

-During some contact drills on the far side of the field, safety Kenny Phillips showed impressive explosion through blocks in run support.

-Injury update:

No new injuries to report.

Offensive lineman Chris Barney sat out during drills. Other players who sat out with injury include:

#12 QB Robert Marve (hand)

#15 WR Jermaine McKenzie (neck)

#26 S Anthony Reddick

#38 S Damien Berry

#51 LB Romeo Davis

#54 DT Teraz McCray

#98 DT Chris Perry

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