Canestime August 9th Practice Report

The Hurricanes had their first full scrimmage today at Cobb Stadium.

The scrimmage consisted of four six-minute quarters and was the same format as the spring game. Half the team donned an orange game jersey, the other half a white one. Spectators got their first peak at the players wearing the new uniforms without the names on the back.

The players were on the field promptly at 7:50am (Many of them had been running or stretching beforehand). With the media watching, Coach Shannon came out on the field and instructed the players to sprint back to the locker room. The team did not return to the field until the media's designated time to spectate practice was over.

Coach Randy Shannon had good things to say after practice, but was hesitant to say he's getting a better idea of what the depth chart is going to look like.

"It's the first scrimmage," he said. "You know, we have two more scrimmages, we have a lot of practices in between. By then, we'll find out what happens."

Cook, Ponder Injured

Lovon Ponder hurt his leg and was on crutches last afternoon. Coach Shannon expected him to be ready for the opener against Marshall.

Glenn Cook suffered an undisclosed foot injury. Coach Shannon gave no timetable for return and was uncertain whether or not he'd need surgery.

"I don't know," Shannon said about the possibility of Cook needing surgery. "That's up to the doctors."


The quarterbacks alternated teams by half. Shannon said that both Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman had a good scrimmage.

"Kirby made some good passes. He had good deep balls. Kyle was great. He was patient and didn't make any interceptions, didn't take sacks. You know what? Whoever can manage the game and get us to win games, that's who it's going to be. Both of them did a good job today."

During the scrimmage, Freeman threw a 60 yard touchdown pass to Sam Shields. It was the only passing touchdown of the day.

Kicking Game Inconsistent

Once again, the kicking game was inconsistent. Francesco Zampogna hit a field goal, and Darren Daly missed one.

"Some guys didn't get an opportunity to kick and we had a chance to make a kick and we missed it," Shannon said. "We're just going to keep going and it's going to be open time for those guys and we're hoping they'll do a good job."

Offensive Line

Shannon gave praise to the offensive line after practice.

"They did a great job," he said. "There were big plays in the passing game and some good runs. I was telling them that they aren't always going to dominate a whole game. They have to stay patient stay calm, and things are going to happen."

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