Ryan Hill Comments on Scrimmage

Sophomore receiver Ryan Hill took some time out after practice to comment on today's scrimmage, which he participated in as a member of the ‘orange' team.

"It was the first scrimmage, man," Ryan Hill said after practice. "So you know there's a lot of excitement. Everyone's trying to make plays. Today was a rough day sort of, but it also wasn't. We made some plays, but we're going to go back and look at them and see what we have to work on and get over that. I mean, we'll have other scrimmages and I'm sure every day we'll get better. This is only like the fifth day of camp, so we're going to make mistakes but we're going to try to eliminate those mistakes every day."

Hill's team lost a close battle, falling short against the white team 10-7 in a game that was timed by four six-minute quarters. The orange team held a slim lead by halftime, but ended up losing 10-7.

"The white team won," Hill said. "It had pretty much the first team defense. They came up and got us at the end. I think it was 10-7, and that's how it should be. If one of us is going to win, let it be by a point or three points. It's close, because we go against each other every day and we kind of have a feel for each other."

The most important thing that Hill took from the scrimmage is the importance of finishing a game strong.

"Kirby Freeman was our quarterback for the first half and Kyle Wright for the second. The Orange team came out in the first half and did really well. Kirby was on our side first, but we have to learn how to finish. That's what we have to work on now during practice, is finishing."

Hill, who was running with the first team as the slot receiver, did not catch a pass in the scrimmage but came on big at special teams, where he had some nice returns.

"I did ok," he said. "I didn't have any balls thrown my way but I felt like I did my part. I'd like to get better each and every day and I want to go out and catch three or four balls a game for significant yardage. I also want to do my part in special teams. I did a good job on special teams today."

"I'm working with the first team primarily (in the slot), but the receivers right now are switching in and out. You have to be able to play every position."

Hill also offered some valuable insight as to how Patrick Nix's offense is going to function. No one really knows how many receivers are going to go on the field for Nix's base packages, nor do they know to what extent the fullback or tight end will play an active role. Hill mentioned that the slot receiver (third receiver) got the majority of the snaps during the scrimmage.

"Oh man, that's pretty much like 85% of the time, I would say," he said when asked how often a third wide receiver was on the field for the offense. "We pretty much go three-wide almost every play."

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