David Clowney Q&A

Wide receiver discusses his chances of making the team; why he emulates Deion Sanders; how football has helped him through tragedies in his life

Q: How comfortable do you feel returning kicks?
David Clowney:
"I feel real comfortable. Returning kicks has been kind of natural for me. So I just have to go out there and play football, basically."

Q: Is that your best avenue to contribute to the team this season?
"Definitely. That can help me get on the team. Hopefully, I'll be ready to start there when the regular season starts or even in the preseason. Right now I'm on the second team, so I just have to keep producing on kickoff return and hopefully it will turn out for me."

Q: Is there a returner you try to emulate yourself after?
"Deion. I've always been a Florida State fan. Growing up I use to always watch Florida State. Watching Deion Sanders back there on punt return and kickoff return, he always made something happen even if it was for one yard. He'd make people miss for that one yard."

Q: Favorite music?
"R&B and old school."

Q: Favorite TV show?
"I don't even know right now. Since training camp started, I haven't watched any television."

Q: Favorite food?
"Soul food."

Q: How is football a healing power for something like last spring's shootings at Virginia Tech?
"For me football has always been an outlet in any downfall I've had in my life. In high school, I lost my little brother so in tragic moments I just turn to football to get me through it. So at the same time that's what I had to do when the tragedy happened."

Q: How big of an impact did the shooting have on you?
"It was a huge impact. There were people on campus that were friends of mine. I know people that were supposed to be in a class where the shootings were. A male and a female were close friends of mine and they were supposed to be in the classroom that it happened, but they didn't make it to class that day. One overslept and the other one was late. So, it hurt. I've shed my tears over it. But at the same time it's something we have to move on from and just take it from there."

Q: What do you do when you're not playing football?
"Right now, whenever I'm not playing football, I'm in the playbook. I'm focusing in the playbook as much as possible so I make sure I don't make any mental errors or any mental mistakes."

Q: If you weren't playing football, what do you seeing yourself doing?
"I don't know. I love football. That's my only focus right now. Just football. So I'm just going to take it from there. I'll play football as long as I can. It's my only focus. If I wasn't playing football, I'd be doing something else involved with football. Football is my life. It's what I love doing."

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