Canestime August 10th Practice Report

The practice following the team's first scrimmage in pads was a light one on a humid morning in Coral Gables. The Hurricanes focused mainly on special teams and correcting some mistakes from the Thursday scrimmage.

"It went alright today we had a light practice stuff today." Head Coach Randy Shannon said. "We did a lot of special team stuff, we had to get coverage on from the scrimmage."

Also, Coach Shannon made it a point to emphasize to his team not to be demoralized following the big plays.

"You got to stay focused. Somebody is going to hit a big play…no matter what happens in a game, you are going to have some down times…if we stay calm and keep fighting we are going to come up with the big play."

But all in all, Shannon likes the direction the team is going.

"If we keep progressing the way we've been doing we're going to be fine."

Again, practice was light, but here are the rest of today's practice notes:

-The offensive line started off with a drill focusing on quick twitch off the snap and hand technique. They were asked to keep low and explode while keeping their heads up, face to face with the defender.

Chris Rutledge was the standout of the entire first 25 minutes or so. He was praised for his drive blocking footwork, acceleration and hand technique.

Ian Symonette and Harland Gunn were complimented on more than one occasion during drills. Walk-on Jonathan Teske showed nice acceleration off drives.

Joel Figueroa needed more push and Chris Barney had issues with keeping low.

-The second drill emphasized the linemen to keep low and drive through a defender with technique and footwork. The coach was also looking for that first initial punch at the point of contact.

Tyrone Byrd got coach really excited when he drove Joel Figueroa back 7 yards with great technique and footwork on his drive blocking, receiving.

Orlando Franklin was praised for good footwork in drive blocking.

-Spencer Adkins and Eric Houston were playing with the first team linebackers along with Colin McCarthy.

-Not only can Richard Gordon return kicks, play defensive line, and catch the football, he was being praised highly during tight end blocking drills.

-During pitch and catch with the wide receivers, coming out of cuts, the only wide out to drop a real easy ball was Khalil Jones, from my observation.

However, the wide outs did have to spend some extra time with the coaches after practice was over on the field.

-Calais Campbell and Eric Moncur were seen working on technique shedding blocking with their hands early and often during the first few minutes of the practice.

-Josh Holmes is banged up and won't get back into full practices until the medical team clears him.

-Teraz McCray should be back any day now, according to Coach Shannon.

-Coach Shannon praised offensive lineman John Rochford when asked. "He might get the start at center. He is doing a great job." He also went on to mention his versatility as an quarterback, H-Back, guard, center, and long snapper.

"That is what it takes to win games, he has an attitude about him, because he has done it all."

-Both Coach Shannon and linebacker coach Mike Barrow, when asked, had good things to say about Tavares Gooden, saying he is doing everything that has been asked of him and working hard.

-When asked if any of the place kickers are standing out, Coach Shannon replied, "No, they are all the same to me right now."

Today's Injury Report:

#12 QB Robert Marve

#15 WR Jermaine McKenzie

#26 S Anthony Reddick

#34 RB Charlie Jones

#35 S Lovon Ponder

#51 LB Romeo Davis

#54 DT Teraz McCray

#55 LB Glenn Cook

#79 OL Chris Barney

#92 DT Josh Holmes

#98 DT Chris Perry

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