Canestime August 11th Practice Report

It was another hot and muggy morning in Coral Gables as the Hurricanes took the field for the morning session of their first two-a-day practice of the fall.

The media was allowed to spectate the first 25 minutes of practice. After practice, Coach Randy Shannon addressed reporters.

"Today was the morning session of the first day of two-a-days," Shannon said. "We got some things accomplished today as far as four-minute offense. The offense and defense did a good job today on both sides of the ball."

Shannon praised the receivers. Yesterday, they were punished after practice and had to do extra drills, but according to Shannon, they had a good morning practice.

"The receivers came out better today and worked hard and did a lot of good things," Shannon said. "The last couple days they have been down but they picked it up and kind of impressed with what they've been doing today."

"If one falters all of them falters, but today all of them looked good. They caught the ball and made good blocks downfield."

Shannon also reiterated that he was making special teams a priority.

"I just believe that with good special teams you can win most games, and if you look at the past, we've won games on blocked punts, blocked field goals, and a couple of punt returns, so we just have to emphasize have to emphasize those things and to be able to win games we're going to have to do it."

Observations from the First 25 Minutes:

After stretches, the offense and defense separated. The offense began lining up and running plays, and the defense worked on a pursuit drill where they would have to beat a ball carrier to the sideline and tag him.

On the offensive side of the ball, the first team (primarily) that we could make out was:

QB Kirby Freeman

WR Lance Leggett

WR Sam Shields

HB Javarris James

TE Dajleon Farr

LT Jason Fox

LG Andrew Bain

C AJ Trump

RG Derrick Morse

RT Reggie Youngblood

Bear in mind that we were only allowed to spectate the first 25 minutes or so, and only about ten minutes of that time was spent running these plays. A number of positions could have been switched throughout the parts of practice we weren't allowed to watch. That wouldn't be surprising at all, considering most players have gotten reps with the first team at one point or another. Also, note that there are only ten players listed above. We couldn't see the far side of the field or the backfield too well, so I'm not sure if they lined up another receiver or a fullback.

On the offensive line, the right side of the line consisted of:

2nd Team

RG Joel Figueroa

RT Chris Rutledge

3rd Team

RG Harland Gunn

RT Ian Symonette

The coaches continue to show tough love to the players, and they seem to be responding to it. On one play, Coach Hurtt could be heard loudly telling defensive tackle Antonio Dixon, "Dixon, if you're going to play, you have to get your butt going!"

After practicing their plays, the coaches called for the field goal unit to come on, and they had a live field goal drill where a defense would line up and try to block the kick. The kickers were 6-7 on field goals from various parts of the field. The only miss was by Matt Bosher, who had his kick blocked by Carlos Armour.

After field goals, the team separated again. The quarterbacks, receivers, and running backs all did a drill together that involved the player catching the ball and running through two coaches on either side of him, who would proceed to hit him with big pads in an effort to knock the ball loose. No one fumbled.

The defense worked on picking up fumbles in stride.

The offensive line and tight-ends did blocking drills.

Sharpton Back in Action

Darryl Sharpton practiced today. Shannon spoke after practice about his progress.

"I don't know [how he looked]. He was out there flying around and hitting people. He made a couple of plays today, which is good."

Sharpe Nicked Up

Glenn Sharpe sat out most of the morning session. Shannon said he might be back for the afternoon however, and that his sitting out is nothing to get concerned over.

"He's a little bit sore, but we my practice him in the afternoon," Shannon said.

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