August 11th Afternoon Practice Report

This afternoon, the Hurricanes took the field for the late session of their first two-a-day practice. Read on for full details of the first 25 minutes.

The ‘Canes wore shells (helmets, pads, and shorts).

The wide receivers came on the field first for warm-ups, followed by the quarterbacks. Freshman Robert Marve, still donning his green cast, took part in the warm-ups; throwing the football and having someone catch it and hand it back to him to throw it again. Jermaine McKenzie assisted the receivers and was still wearing his brace. Coach Patrick Nix was overseeing.


Shawnbrey McNeal dressed but did not participate during drills.

Orlando Franklin came out wearing a knee brace, but participated fully.

Darryl Sharpton participated in some drills.

Charlie Jones

Glenn Sharpe

Lovon Ponder

Romeo Davis

Anthony Reddick

Chris Perry


Patrick Nix worked with the quarterbacks and had them practice their drop-backs. They worked on three-step, five-step, and one-step spot pass drop backs. Later, they went to another part of the field to work with wide receivers on patterns.


The wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends caught balls from both the quarterbacks and the coaches during drills, starting with the fade route. After they finished, the tight-ends went to go work with the offensive line and the receivers stayed for hitches and out-patterns.


The defense lined up for some drill work. They primarily focused on making the correct calls at the line. Coach Tim Walton was the scout team quarterback, and he used walk-ons and the kickers as his receivers. The drill was designed to test the defense's ability to audible at the line and/or shift based on a receiver's motion. The ‘ones' for this drill were:

CB:Randy Phillips

CB: DeMarcus Van Dyke

NB: Chavez Grant

S: Kenny Phillips

S: Willie Cooper

LB: Colin McCarthy

LB: Tavares Gooden

DE: Calais Campbell

DT: Teraz McCray

DT: Antonio Dixon

DE: Eric Moncur

The ‘twos' were:

CB: Carlos Armour

CB: Tervaris Johnson

NB: Doug Wiggins

S: Jared Campbell

S: Jojo Nicolas

LB: Eric Houston

LB: Spencer Adkins

DE: Courtney Harris

DT: Chaz Washington

DT: Joe Joseph

DE: Vegas Franklin

Each team missed the proper call one time each during the time I was spectating. The penalty for missing the call was pushups.


Once again, the coaches made protecting the football a priority. The entire team participated in turnover drills. Half the players were given a football, and the other half had to run behind him and try to jar it loose.


Towards the end of practice, the team held some 7 on 7 scrimmages. Darnell Jenkins caught two long touchdown passes.

Scouts from the Indianapolis Colts were in attendance

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