August 12th Practice Report

The Hurricanes were in full pads this morning and ready to continue working. Read on for a detailed report of the open portion of practice.

Coach Randy Shannon addressed the media after practice.

"Today we had some situational stuff, some short yardage, some goal line, some two minute drill, and stuff like that," Shannon said.

"It went back and forth. The defense did a good job and then the offense picked it up, so it was 50/5. Guys flew around in practice and had a lot of enthusiasm. Coming off a two a day, you sort of expect them to be a little sluggish, but they weren't at all, and it was exciting to see those guys do that."

Shannon talked about staying focused during the long string of consecutive practices.

"You just have to get them mentally focused," Shannon said. "That's the thing about summer workouts; it's that sometimes mentally, people shut down. You just have to keep them focused on the big picture instead of the small picture. Always be positive and never be negative, because once you're negative, then things will keep going down."

Before Stretches

The team was out and warming up prior to stretches. They did some special teams work, primarily working on punting and punt returns. They split up into two separate groups on the far side of the field and got a few punts in before going off to stretch. On the close side (the only side visible to media), the returners were DeMarcus Van Dyke and Chavez Grant. After the was over, they began stretches.

After Stretches

The team finished stretching and began running towards their next drills, but Shannon called a quick team meeting and they huddled around him. He proceeded to give them a quick five minute pep talk.

After the talk, Coach Stoutland took the offensive line and lined them up in front of tackling dummies. They proceeded to run a ‘cut' blocking drill. During the short time that they were running it, Stoutland gave some instructions to Ian Symonette, instructing him to make the block faster.

Field Goal Drills

The coaches called an impromptu field goal drill, the second day in a row they have one. Francesco Zampogna, Matt Bosher, and Daren Daly all took two kicks during the time the media was allowed to spectate. Zampogna and Bosher were 2-2, but Daly missed a kick from the left hash-mark wide left and finished 1-2.

After Practice

Runningback Graig Cooper took some extra reps on the gauntlet machine. Afterwards, he jogged back to the locker room with Coach Robinson next to him telling him to hold the football tight. I wouldn't be surprised if he had some problems today hanging on to the football.

The linebackers stayed after practice to work with the JUGS machine. They took turns catching passes.

The kickers practiced their punting.


Josh Holmes

Demetri Stewart

Charlie Jones

Romeo Davis

Anthony Reddick

Chris Perry

Robert Marve

Jermaine McKenzie

Glenn Sharpe

Teraz McCray worked out during individual drills – "He got some individual work today and he's moving around. Now he's getting back into drills and we're just going step by step with him," said Coach Shannon.

Lovon Ponder was walking without a noticeable limp.

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