August 13th Morning Practice Report

Read on for a full and detailed practice report for the morning session of today's two-a-day practice.

Generally, it was a pretty uneventful 25 minutes of practice, not a whole lot was going on, but there is some news to note.

-The tight ends were primarily blocking along side the offensive tackles today. The drills' focus was on tight end-tackle team work when blocking a defensive lineman-linebacker combo.

Richard Gordon was the first to take part in the drill. In his first attempt, his technique and timing was off. He was cited as blocking "around" the defensive line defender, not blocking him straight up before he broke off and blocked the linebacker. He learned quickly however, his next attempt saw perfect execution of the drill. He was quizzed by the coach on blocking assignment on a particular play and passed with flying colors.

Dedrick Epps' attempt at the drill got a huge ovation from the coaches. He showed tremendous drive into the linebacker.

DajLeon Farr also got praise for his technique.

-I caught five minutes of the defensive backs' interception drill, and it should be noted there was only one drop in the entire group. Safety Damien Berry was the culprit, and it was a sight to see. He must have bobbled the football 10 times before finally not being able to pull it down.

-I also caught a bit of the pass skeleton drill, in which Kayne Farquharson made a fantastic elevating catch near the sidelines.

Of note, the following players were playing on the first team in the drill:

QB Kyle Wright, WR Sam Shields, LG Orlando Franklin, Derrick Morse at RG, RT Reggie Youngblood.

As for the second team, of note:

QB Kirby Freeman, RB Graig Cooper, Tyrone Byrd played LT, LG Andrew Bain, RT Orlando Franklin.

Injury report

#12 QB Robert Marve

#15 WR Jermaine McKenzie

#34 RB Charlie Jones

#58 LB Demetri Stewert

#98 DT Chris Perry

Also, #88 H-Back Chris Zellner limped off the practice field after light running.

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