August 13th Afternoon Practice Report

The Hurricanes were in full pads for the afternoon session of their second two-a-day.

They mainly did some short yardage, red zone, and goal line situations. The offense performed a lot better in the afternoon than they did in the morning, continuing a recent trend. Thus far in the fall, the offense has been trading blows with the defense, a welcome change to previous years.

During the end of practice, the players were on the far side of the field doing final drills. After practice, the defensive linemen stayed on the field and continued doing drill work. This has not been an uncommon sight so far. Every practice, at least one group is staying behind to do extra drill work. When the defensive line came off the field, they looked very tired. It's become very evident for all players on this team that the intensity level of practices is up ten-fold.

The linebackers also took some extra time to work on the Jugs Machine. Tavares Gooden , Allen Bailey, and Spencer Adkins had some balls launched at them from about 20 feet away. They took turns catching the balls from the front, the left, and the right. Gooden had no problems catching the football, Adkins dropped a handful, but the real surprise was Bailey, who impressed the small crowd that gathered to watch him. His hands are huge and he caught most of the balls, missing only two or three.

After the field was cleared, the skill players went to lift weights and the linemen and linebackers stayed for interviews. Stay tuned for more from!

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