Bain Competing For Starting Spot

Andrew Bain is heading into his senior season and even after being a starter last season, he's in the middle of an intense competition for a starting spot right now. Read on to find out what Bain is saying about the team, Orlando Franklin, his weight, and more... caught up with senior offensive guard Andrew Bain after Monday afternoon's practice. He talked about the team and where he feels they stand as a group after ten days of preseason work.

"It never gets any easier," Bain said. "Being great is hard. Coach Nix told us the other day that the road to a championship is always uphill -- always an uphill battle. We just gotta keep working."

Bain is currently competing for a starting spot. True freshman Orlando Franklin has been very impressive so far this preseason and he's been working in and out of the first unit. Bain was asked about his competition with the talented youngster.

"It's great," he said of the competition. "Neither of us are gonna back down and we're both here to learn. I'm here to compete and play hard for my teammates."

Being a fifth year senior, Bain knows that he can teach a lot of things to the talented freshman.

"I want him to be great," he said. "I want the team to be great. That's my brother. We're not gonna leave anybody by the wasteside. By me not teaching him, that's not gonna make our team any better. It's selfish. It won't get us to the ultimate goal."

Many people have wondered why head coach Randy Shannon scheduled practice every single day without any breaks. Bain said the team has responded well.

"We did a little short yardage, a little goal line, and some things in the redzone," he said about Monday's practice. "We really got after it (yesterday) afternoon. With full pads you can have full contact and really, really get after it. The DB's can hit and the offensive line is physical already everyday."

Bain said the offense had a strong day on Monday.

"The offense did pretty good," he said. "We started off slow (in the) morning and then came back the second practice and went real hard. We came back and faught back."

One of the staples of this program over the years is how good the defense has been. That doesn't seem like it'll change this season and Bain believes competing against them every day in practice is paying off and will make the offense better.

"It's great," he said. "Over the course of a game you'll have little battles going on. You're gonna have a series where the defense might have your number. You gotta come back the next series and fight back and get back into a rhythem. That's just football. Anytime you have great competition, it's only gonna make you stronger."

One of the major topics of discussion about Bain and one of his drawbacks in the past has been his weight. Since Shannon took over it seems like all the linemen are doing a good job keeping their weight under control. Bain is included in that group.

"I weighed in (yesterday) morning at 323," he said. "It's a constant thing with me and I know it -- to eat healthy, to do a little extra conditioning to keep myself in shape and to keep me weight down. It's something (Shannon) wants me to do and it's something that'll help us as a team and help me as a player. We see it as a challenge and we've been successful at what we've been doing."

Bain spent a good part of his career over 350 so it's a good thing that he's down under 325. He hopes to stay there and possibly even get down even lower.

"I'd like to play anywhere between 315 and 325," he said. "Anywhere between there I feel good, I feel happy. Anytime I'm under 315 I lose too much body fat and I start cramping up. I feel like I can play at that weight and stay hydrated and stay healthy."

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