Gordon Making A Good Transition

Richard Gordon has switched position a couple times during his young career at the University of Miami. Now that he's back on offense and competing for a starting spot, find out what he's saying about the transition and what he brings to the table.

Richard Gordon was primarily a defensive end as a senior at Miami Norland High. After inking with the Hurricanes, he began his career as a tight end but it wasn't long before he was switched back to defense. Then earlier this year Gordon made the move back to tight end.

While a lot of players would have a tough time handling all the switches, Gordon has taken them in stride and says he's excited about playing offense again. He talked about the things he's had to pick up on the most.

"We're watching film so we know cover two, cover three," Gordon said. "We know when the corner drops down."

Gordon, 6-foot-4 and 265 pounds, talked about what he believes is the most important aspect of being a tight end.

"The biggest thing is knowing where the hole is at," he said. "The run blocking -- that's pretty easy. Doing basic blocks, the tight end doesn't move around too much. We got certain calls and that's it. The run is easier than the pass."

Gordon is currently in a four-way competition for the starting spot at tight end. While each of the four bring something different to the table, Gordon talked about what he has.

"I can spread the field a lot faster," he said. "(But I could) work on my blocking a little bit."

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