Practice Report: 8/23

The Hurricanes took the practice field on Thursday afternoon after having Wednesday off because of the first day of the fall semester. Read on to see what happened and what Coach Shannon had to say...

"It was the first day coming back," head coach Randy Shannon said after Thursday's practice. "Yesterday we was off, guys flew around. We worked a little bit on Marshall, then we had a normal practice. We had a couple mistakes here and there. For the most part, we was upbeat."

The Hurricanes practiced for most of the first few weeks early in the morning. Shannon was asked about the difference of going in the afternoon today.

"It was good getting out here for a little change instead of waking up early in the morning," he said. "Like anything, it was the first time going to class and now they have to adjust but they'll adjust fine."

Senior running back Charlie Jones is injured and Shannon said he expects Jones to miss the first few games of the season.

"He's injured," he said. "I dont know when he's gonna be back. He won't be playing in the opener. He'll be out a minimum of three weeks."

While Jones has been sidelined, the Hurricanes have gotten some other players back from injury. Shannon spoke about them.

"Randy (Phillips) did fine today," he said. "The only time he missed was the scrimmage. Carlos Armour was fine today. He practiced. He's doing well, practicing hard. He's been nicked up the whole time. Now we're making him go certain parts of practice and not all. Kyle (Wright) practiced today. (Teraz McCray and Josh Holmes), they practiced today, moved around."

With Glenn Sharpe still out and just now getting Armour and Phillips back, some wonder about the depth at cornerback. Shannon's not concerned.

"We got DB's," he said. "There's a reason they were recruited. We got about five or six. Anyone can play corner. We just have to give them reps in practice. We're very enthused with what we got at corner. DeMarcus Van Dyke is coming along well. We got depth. We just have to keep going."

With the season opener just over a week away, Shannon said he'll soon announce the starters.

"We'll have a depth chart on Tuesday," he said. "All of them (are up for grabs)."

UM officials had to run off someone who was trying to videotape practice from the parking garage today. Shannon spoke about that.

"That's the only negative," he said. "You don't know if they're for you or against you. That's the hard thing when you're trying to get things done. That's discouraging."

When asked if practicing indoors (like at the Dolphins' Bubble) next year could help with situations like this, Shannon had an interesting response.

"You don't need a bubble," he said. "You need the sun. The sun makes you in better condition."

The Hurricanes will practice tomorrow at 3 pm EST.

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