Nate Robinson Injury Update

Read on to find out what the All-American defensive tackle said on Monday night regarding a knee injury he suffered last Saturday.

"My doctor's appointment was rescheduled to Wednesday," Robinson told me tonight. "I know it's just a sprain of the MCL but they want to go in and make sure."

Robinson said after the initial pain, it hasn't been bothering him too much.

"I ain't in any pain at all," he said. "It hurt at first but not really since then. I'm just chillin watching Monday Night Football right now."

At 6-5 and 305 pounds, Robinson is widely considered one of the nation's top defensive tackle prospects.

"The good thing is that I probably won't need surgery," he said. "I'll probably sit out this week but I hope to return in two weeks. We won 30-6 on Saturday and things are starting to come together for us. I think we'll be OK and I hope to start playing again real soon."

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