Campbell Talks Canes Football

All-American defensive end Calais Campbell talked about a variety of things after Sunday's practice. Read on to see what he's talking about...

The season opener against Marshall is less than a week away, which means the Hurricanes are now in game week mode in practice.

"The intensity level and atmosphere (is still the same)," Calais Campbell said. "Everyone is excited to get going. We have six days till game day. That's real exciting. Everyone has a positive attitude right now. We're looking forward to doing good things."

After almost four week of preseason practices, things are probably starting to become more clear for the Hurricanes. Campbell singled two players out as having standout performances.

"Oh man, I'd have to go with Lance Leggett or Derrick Morse," he said. "Usually people won't say offensive linemen when asked that question. Derrick Morse is a beast. He opens up a lot of holes. He pass blocks extremely well and the attitude and leadership he'll bring to the team, he'll make a difference. Lance Leggett has playmaking ability. I definitely think he'll keep defensive coordinators nervous."

While singling those two players out on offense, Campbell said the team has worked very hard to get to the point they're at.

"I'm happy," he said. "Our attitude is very positive. Everybody is competing and getting better and confident within each other. I'm confident in the defensive tackles next to me, the linebackers behind me, and the defensive backs. I'm confident in the offense that they'll score points and I'm confident in the coaching staff that he'll call the right plays."

Campbell doesn't expect things to change as game week preparation continues over the next few days leading up to Saturday's opener.

"I believe the tempo will be intense just like it is now," he said. "Tuesday is a work day. Wednesday is a work day. Sunday and Thursday are mental reps. Fridays are in the meething rooms. I definitely think practice will be similar to how we do it now -- intense, just get to the point, get everything done right away, and try to get better."

There's a lot of anticipation amongst the fans for Tuesday's announcing of the depth chart, including the team's starting quarterback. Campbell talked about that.

"You kinda know by who's doing well who should be there (as starters)," he said. "Everybody's bee playing extremely well. A lot of guys have the potential of starting. We rotate so much it gives us a chance to play a lot of different guys. I like the way (Shannon) is doing it. We don't have starters. A different day and someone else is starting. We're competing like game-like situations. We're gonna be ready to go by September 1st."

Campbell knows that things change based on performance each week and all jobs will remain up for grabs, including his own.

"I think that's a big thing," he said. "Each week whoever plays the best will get a chance to start. If you mess up, you'll get demoted and the person behind you will step up and there's a job to lose. Every week there is competition for a job."

Coming off a 7-6 season, the entire Hurricane team is looking to start the season strong on Saturday, hoping things will be different this time around.

"Last year's team had a lot of things going on," he said. "There were a lot of distractions. This year we are motivated. In my eyes I see the leadership is there more with the players (this year). The attituse is that everybody is real hungry, ready to prove ourselves."

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