Kirby or Kyle?

In the first installment of the roundtable, writers of talk about which quarterback they would name as the starter. Read on to see what's being said...

Sometime on Tuesday head coach Randy Shannon will announce the starting quarterback for the University of Miami heading into the 2007 season. There's a lot of anticipation for the news and writers Mike Bakas and Raul Tano were asked who they would name as starter.

Tano:If I were coach, I'd name Kirby Freeman quarterback. According to most reports, Kirby has just been more impressive thus far in practice, thereby earning the spot in my eyes. That being said, I'm hoping Kyle Wright can turn it around and have a big senior season, because you hate for someone with expectations that high to not pan out as expected. I just think that given Kyle's tweaked knee and the lack of big plays (according to reports) when he is under center, that the job is Kirby's right now.

Bakas: Kirby Freeman. You could make a legit case for either player but I just think Kirby brings more to the table. He won a lot of games when he was in high school. He's a coach's son who has a real good mind for the game. He seems to play with more energy and intensity than his competitor. You can break down the stats all you want and you'd have a hard time coming up with a decision either way. That's why I think the intangibles are important here. Wright could lead this offense very well. I'm convinced of that. However, I think Freeman can lead it better and if named the starting quarterback on Tuesday, he'd have two full seasons to work with new offensive coordinator Patrick Nix to become a big time college quarterback the Hurricanes need. Perhaps more than anything else on this team, the offense needs a identity. The defense has had one for years. The offense needs to develop an attitude and I think Freeman can and will deliver just that.

Stay tuned to on Tuesday as we'll have coverage of the news as it happens.

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