Shannon Explains QB Decision

Kirby Freeman was named the team's starting quarterback on Tuesday. Read on to find out why as Randy Shannon explains his decision and talks about the roles of both players...

"Kirby Freeman will be our starting quarterback for the Marshall game," Randy Shannon said on Tuesday morning.

He made it very clear -- Freeman's the guy. Shannon, however, believes the team has two quarterbacks it can count on at any time.

"We are excited about both of the quarterbacks," he said. "We are fortunate to have two quality quarterbacks that can lead us in the right direction. Both of the guys worked well in the off-season. They did some things to try to win the job; but as a coach, you have to make tough decisions."

Shannon talked about the decision and how tough it was to single one guy out to lead the team into the start of the season.

"We feel that Kirby will give us the best opportunity to win games," he said. "Kyle (Wright) has done a wonderful job preparing himself. He continues to try to make himself the best he can be. You always need two quarterbacks, because competition makes the other guy better. You need somebody to sit behind you and make sure they understand what you are trying to get done. They might be able to see another thing that you may not see."

The Hurricane nation found out the news on Tuesday morning and Shannon said both quarterbacks learned of the news just prior to his announcement.

"[They found out] this morning," he said. "Myself and coach (Patrick) Nix sat down and talked to the quarterbacks this morning."

Often times in college football you'll see two quarterbacks rotating in and out. A lot of people have suggested that will be what Miami does this season. Shannon, however, said that won't be the case -- at least to start the season.

"Not right now," he said of using two. "We are worried about Marshall right now. We will keep going on and try to focus on each game one at a time. We are not worried about that right now. Right now Kirby is going to give us the best opportunity to win."

It was a tough decision but, as Shannon explains, it's all part of the competition that comes with playing football at a high level.

"It's football," he said. "Somebody has to be a backup. It's what you grew up playing as a kid --you sit as a 9th grader playing behind a junior. If you're in sports, if it's not your time to play then it's not your time to play."

Wright reacted well to the news.

"Kyle's a competitor," he said. "He has a job to do. It's like i told Kyle and both quarterbacks, there's gonna be ups and downs. You gotta understand when it's down to pick yourself up real quick and think about the big picture. He was fine. He was upbeat when he left the office this morning."

Stay tuned to as we'll have reaction from both quarterbacks on the decision.

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