First Time Getting Close

Randy Shannon's head coaching debut will take place in just a few days. Read on to find out what he's saying as the day gets closer...

"This first week we have been preparing for Marshall," Randy Shannon said. "We're really excited about it. We are excited about this upcoming game, and I am focusing on Marshall and the types of things we have to get done. We are truly excited about going up against competition now. It's going to be exciting Saturday."

The first game always has some question marks since you never know what the opponent will really be like but Shannon thinks he has a good idea of what the Thundering Herd bring to the table.

"They are going to try to take it out of the quarterback's hands and run the football," he said. "They have a good pass-receiving tight end, and they have some guys returning. Defensively, I think they lost a big defensive end that was a phenomenal player. Coach (Mark) Snyder is a defensive minded guy. They are going to come out and try to cause confusion for us on offense and put us in negative plays. if we dont take negative plays and play good special teams, we'll be good for this game."

Shannon will not only have to deal with the season opener for the 2007 season but he'll also be taking the field as a head coach for the first time in his coaching career. He talked about the emotions of it.

"You can ask me Friday night or the morning of the game," he said. "The first time I stepped foot on the field as a head coach out on Greentree, I was nervous. The first time that I interviewed here, I was nervous. But as time goes on and the adrenaline goes, I will get comfortable with it."

Shannon joked about running out of the smoke at the Orange Bowl on Saturday just before the noon kickoff.

"Hopefully, I won't trip over anybody," he said. "Somebody always falls on the first one going out of that tunnel, I hope it isn't me. There is always some wire. I'll be on ESPNU, and I hope I don't get tripped. It would be national news." will take a closer look at Marshall on Wednesday.

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