The Leading Receiver

In the second installment of the Roundtable, the writers of talk about who they believe will be the leading receiver on this year's team.

Raul Tano, Larry Cole, and Mike Bakas continue this week's Roundtable by discussing who they think will lead the team in receiving this season.

Tano: I think Lance Leggett will lead the team in receiving. Say what you want about Lance, but he's an ultra-talented receiver who has had a solid fall practice after rebounding from that tweaked knee during the spring. Like Wright, I'd hate for Lance to not live up to expectations during his entire tenure here, so I'll be rooting for him. My choice isn't just sentimental. He's arguably the most physically gifted of Miami's receivers, and he's one of the only guys that has remained on the first team throughout the entire fall camp.

Cole: Lance Leggett. Coach Nix will have Leggett running the "Calvin Johnson routes" for this team. While Lance doesn't quite measure up to Calvin by any means, he will see plenty of footballs thrown to him in a position to make those plays. With an increase of offensive production out of the running game, I'd expect to see this team use effective routes getting the players into space and giving the QB time to give accurate passes. If that happens, Lance Leggett will get a lot of passes and an increase in production. All he needs to do is hold on to the football and out of the coach's dog house.

Bakas: Lance Leggett. The numbers he and freshman Sam Shields put up were nearly identical last season but I really think Lance is due for a breakout season. Patrick Nix and his new offense could be exactly what Leggett needs. I think we'll see more action on the deep ball and Leggett's the best deep ball threat on the UM roster at the receiver position right now. Sure, he probably won't be like Calvin Johnson in Georgia Tech's offense last season but I think he will be UM's leading receiver at the end of the season. He might not block as well as guys like Darnell Jenkins. He may not be as physical as guys like Khalil Jones. However, Leggett brings a 6-4 frame with tremendous speed to the table and I really think Nix and the UM offense will utilize that in a big way this season. Plus, I'm the one who, after traveling to Texas a few Octobers ago to watch Leggett in high school, thought he could be the next Andre Johnson. Obviously that's a stretch now but I think he can put up huge numbers in a year when the NFL will be watching closely. John Madden once said that he thinks every team should throw deep at least one time per quarter. That, in my opinion, should apply here at UM with Leggett on the receiving end. I think we'd like the results.

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